So that was the year that was 2014

Trip around the sunWelcome to my 2014 year in review, sometimes these reviews are short, some are long, all of them look back in someway at the year I had. After all we have all survived one more trip around the sun on this Starship Earth, and what a ride it has been. Continue reading

My 2014 Year in Blogging at Altworld and my Top Five Posts

My 2014 Year In BloggingIt has been a long 2014 and an even bigger roller-coaster than previous years, but that is a blog for another time and with less than 36 hours left to run in this year lets take a look at my year in blogging. You can view my 2014 year here – My 2014 Year In Blogging – there are some surprises ahead especially my Top Five posts for 2014.