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Tristan & The Cuddly Defenders: Out Of The Attic

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Tristan & The Cuddly Defenders: Out Of The Attic
All-Ages Graphic Novel by Nick Davis
Art by Dan Nokes

Tristan the Teddy Bear and the Cuddly Defenders continue the battle for bedtime against the Monsters under the bed, picking up where Unconditional finishes off.

Fresh off their fight at the Tower Of The Moon, the Cuddly Defenders rush to defend the Great Reality Wall, to stop an old enemy from summoning the Boogeyman back into existence. But, our heroes may already be too late and they will face their greatest challenge against the most unexpected of foes!

Out Of The Attic collects together all three parts of the Out Of The Attic Saga & the complete Menace Of Mech-A-Nor, and ties up the illustrated story adventures. This Cuddly Defenders Graphic Novel is packed full of Teddy Bear action and adventure from cover to cover.
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