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The Teddy Bear Tales

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The Teddy Bear Tales
Illustrated Storybook by Nick Davis
Art by Dan Nokes

A Teddy Bear Tale is the story of Tristan the Teddy Bear and his last night of guarding his child from the Monsters under the Bed. On this final night the Monsters under the bed are unleashed by the wicked Bogeyman. Tristan must defend his child from Goblins, No Names and No Noses, the Slobbering Slobs, the Knockers, Blighters and Silly Buggers, Blue Skins with bald heads and a Dust Dragon with razor sharp teeth. With his child's innocence at stake this heroic Teddy Bear must find a way to defeat them all and stop the Bogeyman from claiming his child.

A Teddy Bear Tale an illustrated children’s book written by Nick Davis and is illustrated by Dan Nokes with beautiful full color ink illustrations. A wonderful gift for your child and Teddy Bear lovers alike. This is the story that started the Cuddly Defenders and Awakenings comic book series.

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