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Altworld Studios Ecwid StoreWelcome to the Alt World Studios Store here you can buy the Alt World Studios Books and Comics, from Cuddly Toy Adventure with the Teddy Bear Tales in the Teddyverse, the Once Upon A Time adventures of the Wonder Tales, or the unique Superhero comic book Fabula Zero. Plus exclusive art, shirts and Cuddly Defender Teddy Bear Toys.

Team D – One Shot Book

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Team-D is an adventure comic book following the adventures of Dee, a young girl, and her grumpy old Teddy Bear named Duo, and their little big adventure across the multi-realms of the Teddy Bear Universe.

Written by Nick Davis, Art by Veronica Smith. You can Preorder this book for $4.99 + Shipping and will be shipped in September 2019.

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