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Huug Teddy Bear

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Introducing the Huug Teddy Bear

The Huug Teddy Bear, is the Teddy Bear that can huug you back, with extra long soft furred limbs, that wrap around you and fasten with velcro, so your Bear will huug you and keep you safe from the Monsters under the bed all through naptime and beyond!

The Huug Teddy Bear, that we have nicknamed 'Stretch' is a limited edition Teddy Bear, custom made by DotsBears for the Cuddly Defenders. He is handmade in the USA. approximately 18 inches in height, each limb is approximately 12 inches in length with velcro tips, the Teddy Bear is soft-stuffed with hypoallergenic fluff and has one point of articulation, the head can move side by side.

Please note all Dotsbears are handmade to order, please allow up to three weeks for delivery. The Huug Teddy Bear available now for $24.99 + shipping.

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