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Altworld Studios Ecwid StoreWelcome to the Alt World Studios Store here you can buy the Alt World Studios Books and Comics, from Cuddly Toy Adventure with the Teddy Bear Tales in the Teddyverse, the Once Upon A Time adventures of the Wonder Tales, or the unique Superhero comic book Fabula Zero. Plus exclusive art, shirts and Cuddly Defender Teddy Bear Toys.

Archer The Teddy Bear

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Meet Archer the Teddy Bear, he has joined Tristan and Wilma in their ongoing quest to keep children safe from the Boogeyman and the Monsters under the Bed.

Now with the help of Dots Bears, Archer is now available as a Cuddly Toy and 14 inches in height with warm nutmeg colored fur, dressed in his archer hat, tunic and belt. This Teddy Bear is traditionally jointed with five points of articulation, and is soft and cuddly. Archer the Teddy Bear is available for only $34.99 with shipping and handling.

Please note all Dotsbears are handmade to order, please allow up to three weeks for delivery.

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