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A Teddy Bear Tale Part Two: Awakenings Acts 3 & 4: Here Be Monsters

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This is the story of the three ragtag Cuddly Toys who suddenly find themselves on the front-line of a secret war waged for over a century between Teddy Bears and the Monsters under the bed.

Our story begins as Tristan and Wilma, have completed their training under the strict guidance of the old house Teddy Bear, Archer. As they head back to their child's room, with Archer in tow, a strange, purple light is shining from it. Have the Monsters returned? Our band of ragtag cuddly toys are in a race against time to save their child from the Monsters under the bed, but are these Cuddly Defenders ready?

Awakenings: Here Be Monsters is a 52 page, full-color action graphic book by Nick Davis, with art by Veronica Smith. Available for $9.99 + Shipping.

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