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A Teddy Bear Tale Part One: Awakenings Acts 1 & 2: The Darkest Night

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A Teddy Bear Tales - Awakenings The Darkest Night is the story of ragged band of cuddly toys, who suddenly find themselves on the front-line of a secret war waged for over 100 years.

Did you know that your Teddy Bear has a secret? While you sleep at night your Cuddly Toy watches over you keeping you safe from the Boogeyman and his Legion of Monsters under the bed. This is the story of one such Teddy Bear called Tristan.

This graphic novel combines Awakenings Act One & Act Two.

A Teddy Bear Tale: Awakenings Act 1 tells the simple tale of Tristan the Teddy Bear and Wilma Bunny as they encounter the Monsters under the Bed for the very first time and there struggle to to protect their child from them.

Continuing the story from Act 1 - Our two Cuddly Defenders Tristan and Wilma hunt down the mysterious teddy bear that saved them from their first encounter in with the monsters under the bed. From there, they start to discover an adventure unlike any they had encountered before, as they learn the secrets of the old house they now live.

Awakenings: The Darkest Night is a 52 page, full-color action adventure graphic book by Nick Davis, with art by Veronica Smith. Available for $9.99 + Shipping

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