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Writing Without Fear – The Treatment For The Spooky Abigail Comic Book

Spooky Abigail - Witch in Training

Spooky Abigail – A Teenage Witch In Training (T)WIT)

Yesterday we learned that Sir Terry Pratchett had died, a unique and much favored author of fantasy, sci-fi and I guess with Dodger historical fiction. Within my eulogy I had vowed to start, or more correctly keep writing without fear and I want to share with you my first leap of faith. I had been contacted last year by PRM Comics to write a treatment for their newest creation Spooky Abigail, a teenage witch with a rat without a cat, she lived in a peculiar fantasy world and the book needed some direction. So I stepped up, writing a treatment about the world and the script for the first Spooky Abigail book. You can read it below after the Jump. Continue reading

Inside the Box – Alpha Flight, Avengers, Avengers, Avengers, Fear Itself & Redwing

Alpha Flight #3Yes I know this is very, very late… My apologies I did read all my books from my box at Chucks Comics last week, however I was at Baltimore Comic con debuting Fabula Zero Exposition; so time got a little compressed. However here is my bi-weekly Inside the Box column presented in the order I read my books. What will stay what will go? Read on and find out…

Alpha Flight 3 of 8  – Fear Itself  Tie In – Van Lente, Pak, Eaglesham, Hennessy, Oback – Another great installment in what is turning into the best mini-series I’ve read this year. Alpha Flight finds itself on the run as Unity starts to form Alpha Strike to take them down. This book is really hanging together and hitting all the right buttons. I think it helps that I know nothing about any of these characters which adds to the sense of peril, because I really don’t know who will live and who will survive. I am a believer though… Canada’s Premium Superhero Team is rocking… So, yes this book is a keeper.

The New Avengers #15 – Fear Itself Tie On – Bendis, Deodato, Beredo – I have to say this first and get it out of my system. I know Bendis is famous for his talking heads narrative, but what is this now? The third or fourth issue that has used this to push the narrative? Getting old now… Anyhow, this book focuses on Squirrel Girl and this comically powered super heroine kicks ass throughout this book. No nonsense superheroics from the Great Lakes Avenger, as she takes on Wolverine and the Mechs of Sin. Fun story with heroics a plenty from the most unexpected source, now who wants to see a Squirrel Girl Mini-series? Another Keeper! Continue reading

RIP Sir Terry Pratchett Died Aged 66 At Home Today

Sir Terry Pratchett QuoteI sit here trying to find words… So I will start from the beginning because that is how all things should, not the middle, maybe sometimes the end so we can work our way back, but always how things came to be. I caught this sad news about two minutes before it exploded across the internets that Sir Terry Pratchett had died, I held my breath for a moment thinking it a joke, for it was not the first time Terry had died on the internet. Then the BBC announced it was official, my favorite author had died aged 66 at home. Continue reading

The Price of Freedom of Speech

Nick SigningI don’t normally talk about this issue, but today I’m taking a moment to discuss the price of freedom of speech and some of the dilemmas it can pose to those that support it. You see your right to express yourself, your thoughts, opinions without fear is a fundamental right here in the USA. To support this you must accept the good with the bad, every positive with every negative, you cannot compromise or contradict once you accept this ideal. It doesn’t mean there isn’t dilemmas that cause you to question this.

Why this post then? Recently Smashwords, an eBook publishing service I use to distribute my books out onto the Kobo, Sony eReader, itunes, eDeisel and makes them available in multiple formats, was forced by its payment gateway Paypal to actively censor some of the books in its market place… Specifically a number of adult erotica titles that contain certain references. I’ll let Mark Coker, owner of Smashwords explain in his own words in the press release he made about this after the jump. Continue reading

Inside the Box Super Sized Addition – Thunderbolts, Avengers, Red Wing, Brilliant & Abe Sapian

Thunderbolts 163.1Welcome to the Inside the Box Super Sized Addition!!! Today we look inside my comic box at my local comic book store Chucks’s Comics and waiting for me is about two and a bit week’s worth of comics (sans the DC issues I picked up last week). I’m not kidding you when I say my pull list is fairly large for this column this week.  So lets see what stays, and what goes in the order I read them in.

Thunderbolts #163.1 – Parker, Shalvey & Martin – Haven’t we had the .1 issues of the Thunderbolts? Anyway we are treated to another issue that continues the main story, while setting up a introduction to what the Thunderbolts are without a beat being skipped along the way. This book simply is working on every level and is one of the best superhero team books on the rack at the moment, even if Luke Cage is back.  Continue reading