The Tether Saga

The Tether Saga by Nick Davis

The Tether Saga is a fantasy action adventure series by Nick Davis, set against the back drop of Baltimore city. The novels follow Sarah, a mixed up teenager who is given rosarius by a mysterious old man who saves her life.

Through a series of incidents she learns that this rosarius is called the Tether, a mysterious device that allows her to summon a mysterious Angelic Guardian called Paul.

A Reality that is Disturbing Familiar

The Tether Saga takes you on a head long helter-skelter nightmare journey into a reality that is disturbingly familiar, but has unearthly creatures stalking its shadows.

As Sarah tries to figure out what the Tether and Paul really are, she is aided by CT, the Grandson of the original Tether Keeper, along the way Sarah discovers the amazing powers she can tap into and how to control the Tethers Angelic Guardian Paul.

All around her, demonic figures and shadowy organizations line up to take the Tether from her, or try to control her directly. Sarah starts to learn the line between, friend and foe, good and evil is very blurred indeed.

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The Tether by Nick Davis

Accept One, Book Two of the Tether







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