Unpacking Avengers Infinity War – Warning Spoilers Ahead!!!

Infinity WarThis blog post unpacks some of my thoughts about Avengers Infinity War, as this part normally appears in the preview before you click the read more button I am going to give you a spoiler free thought before the jump. This Avengers movie is very much like the old-skool Marvel Summer event books – the entire story is in the movie, there are no tie-ins to collect, but it does help if you have a passing knowledge of the stories that came before. Now… With that being said, everything after the jump is spoilers. So, if you haven’t seen the movie don’t make the jump.

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The Justice League Movie A Bag Full Of Misses

Justice League LogoI am going to open this mini-review of the Justice League movie with this statement, DC books were the first american superhero comic books I started collecting, it started on a rainy afternoon in the early 1990’s, in the Waterstones bookstore in the heart of Leicester. I picked up Justice League Europe (part of the Giffen era) and I was hooked. It was humor, super-heroics, paced action and sang with the joy of hope. I was hooked and spent a lot to time and money, back collecting Justice League, International, Europe and a few crossovers. So, it is safe to say I’ve been fan of DC for over 25 years.

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The Deadpool Movie Review… Shocker Alert Ahead!!!

Deadpool Movie Poster InsertI feel I have to start this review by stating a truth… I am not a big Deadpool fan, never have been, never will be… Sure he is fun to draw, sort of like a Spider-man is swords, but I’ve never really understood the attraction of the character – who ultimately has no real redeeming qualities. Saying that last night I went out with the wife and kid (he is a big Deadpool fan and knew what to expect) to watch the Thursday preview release of the Deadpool movie.

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Movie Review – Man of Steel so when is Superman not Superman?

MOS-GraphicYou knew this was going to happen… the Man of Steel movie review. I am going to keep this fairly short as this movie does nothing but polarize the viewer. You will love it or you will hate it. I will let you guess what side I come down on. Continue reading

The Avengers a very late movie review, but just in time for the DVD

Avengers-PosterToday I took my boys to see Avengers at our local strip mall theater, it is a small place with six screens which seat about 100 people per auditorium. This was oddly the last chance I would get to finally see the Avengers on the movie screen. Yes… You read that right, I’ve not had chance or opportunity to see this movie yet… So now that wrong has been righted.

The Avengers is the movie that Marvel Movies have been building too with hints in Ironman and the Hulk, part of Ironman 2 devoted to setting it up and Captain America being the prequel of things to come.  It didn’t pretend to be anything else than a Superhero popcorn fest and what I saw was the Avengers comic brought to life on the movie screen. In short it was really good comic book movie and made no apologies for it. Continue reading