Review of The Snow Ball Effect by Holly Nicole Hoxter

The Snowball Effect by Holly Nicole Hoxter, is an interesting novel. I was gifted this book way back at my birthday and it took me a month to get to it, and a month of slow reading to finish it. It’s not that long a novel, just the last couple of months got extraordinarily busy for me.

The novel follows the life of Lainey St James, a 17 year girl who recently lost her Mother, who had committed suicide, yeah I know charming premises but hang in there. Up to now, and the mostly through the first part of the book her life is, as she views it, totally perfect. She never felt close to her Mother and feels nothing over her dying. Then slowly everything starts to fall apart.

Book Review Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett

I’m always late to the party with Sir Terry Pratchett’s books, averaging a year behind his releases at best. For me though, this one was well worth wait.

Unseen Academicals is a little bit of a slow starter as you are introduced to new characters and the workings of the Maze under the Unseen University. The new characters are Glenda the night cook, her pretty and ditzy friend Juilet, Trev Likely a jack the lad and Mr Nutt, the… Well I wont spoil what he is, what is becomes, and his constant quest for worth.

The Wizards are back in all their glory and we see a very different side of Archchancellor Ridcully, he becomes virtually Vetinari in his manipulation of Faculty, and speaking of the Patrician we even see a more human side of Vetinari.

I found this Discworld novel a better read than Making Money, although I feel he has written better stories from the Discworld, my favorites being a toss up between the Witches and the Guards. The pace for this story was up and down, and a couple of places I felt it stumbled especially around the discovery of the Tackle, which is unusual for this author.

Playing with Facebook

Indie Authors like myself grab any chance they can to get the word out about there work. In the early hours this morning I discovered Facebook Pages, a function where you can make a page about any subject and get the users of Facebook to vote it up with the Like function.

Today I created two pages, the first for The Tether my dark urban paranormal adventure novel and the second an Author page. You can check them out at the links below, and if you are a member of Facebook I hope you hit the Like button and help an indie Author out.

Nick Davis Facebook Author Page
The Tether Facebook Author Page

Help An Author Out

The Tether Book & SignsThe Tether, a dark urban fantasy by Nick Davis (aka as me) is available in print, over 280 pages of Supernatural adventure, is available direct from the alt-world website under my novels tab or by clicking here.  If you want to pick up a hard copy of The Tether, help a struggling Author out and buy it direct from my website as a larger part of the sale goes directly to me. Plus I will personally sign it for you.

Thank you and I hope you all enjoy your Labor Day.