OUT NOW!!! The Princess Archer’s adventures continue in The Wonder Tales Issue 10 – The Golden Comb

The Golden Comb

The Wonder Tales Issue #10 – The Golden Comb

Out Now!!!

Live the adventure and magic of Once Upon a time… The Princess Archer adventures continue in a land far, far away in Issue 10 of The Wonder Tales ‘The Golden Comb’  Continue reading

Happy Birthday to JRR Tolkien one hundred and twentieth one today!

tolkien_photo_h-mCongratulations Mr Tolkien today is your One hundred and Twentieth One Birthday, thank you for gift of the mythology of Middle Earth long is it treasured and still once a year I read The Lord of the Rings to completion. In honor of your Birthday this day two years ago I wrote my first ever Wonder TalesThe Archer, the Horse and the Princess that was heavily influenced by the verbose descriptive style of Tolkien’s works. You can read this tribute to JRR Tolkien by clicking here… Thank you again Mr Tolkien you inspired and continue to inspire millions with your works.


First page of The Daughter of Frost is done come take a look

The Daughter of Frost - Illustration by Terra Bidlespacher

The Daughter of Frost – Illustration by Terra Bidlespacher

Terra Bidlespacher the artist for The Daughter of Frost Kickstarter project sent me the first finished page for this whimsical Fairy Tale. It is the Woodcutter and his wife making a snow family as Jack Frost looks on.

Together in the morning light, they rolled snowballs and built three snow people. One was the Woodcutter, the other was his wife, and the smaller was their snow child that they never had. Arm in arm they looked at the snow family and smiled, lost in the memory of what they might have had. The wife cried small tears of sadness. “I am sorry my dear husband, I know you mean well. I just wish for a child so I can see you glad.”

The Woodcutter smiled and kissed his wife on the check, “Do not worry my dear wife, we have lived a good life and one day we will get our reward. I love you deeply and wish for no more.”

If you enjoyed the art please check out the Kickstarter project of a Fairy Tale I wrote for my Daughter, help it get illustrated and let the magic begin…

Please Help Kickstart The Daughter of Frost a fairy story I wrote for my Daughter

Aneira the Daughter of Frost by Terra Bidlespacher

Aneira the Daughter of Frost by Terra Bidlespacher

Once Upon a Time in a land far far away the Fairy of Spring and Jack Frost had a daughter they named Aneira. Who they gave to a childless Woodcutter and his wife so their daughter could experience the love and affection of mortal parents. This is her story, a classic fairy tale of winter, of love, of good, of evil and the power of innocence…

What is the Daughter of Frost?
The Daughter of Frost was written for my beautiful Daughter, so I could read to her a story that started with Once Upon a Time. She really enjoyed the story, and after awhile it became part of my original all ages fantasy fairy tale series called The Wonder Tales.

I want to do something really special with this story, I’ve recruited the services of the amazing almost ethereal Terra Bidlespacher of White Stag Art to help me illustrate this tale with some magical, whimsical illustrations. With her help I hope to turn The Daughter of Frost into fully illustrated fairy tale book, the sort of book we turned the pages of when we were young, that fired our imaginations to the magic and wonder of the world just beyond our fingers. A story that can be treasured and shared with your kids. Help this story get illustrated by helping it launch on Kickstarter at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/altworld/the-daughter-of-frost-a-fairy-tale-written-for-my

Something special may yet come this way as we look at the art inspired by The Daughter of Frost

The Daughter of Frost by Nick DavisDid you know The Wonder Tale The Daughter of Frost was written for my Daughter? To celebrate this story, which has turned into one my best-selling Wonder Tales eBooks. I’m working on a special project trying to illustrate the book. As I work to try to make this happen several Artists have submitted test pieces of Aneira the Daughter of Frost…

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To learn more about The Daughter of Frost visit please click here