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The Tether: Except OneThe Tether Saga, follows the adventures of Sarah Taylor, who by accident has been gifted with a supernatural device that has pulled her into a twisted reality bubbling just under the surface of our own. Set on the streets of Baltimore, the Tether takes you on a helter-skelter roller-coaster ride into a twisted paranormal adventure that will have you watching the shadows…. And Except One, book two continues the journey as Sarah desperately searches for a way to separate herself from the Tether and have her life return to normal.

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Sneak Peak at the NBC Wonder Woman reboot outfit

The picture first popped up on the Entertainment Weekly website, Adrianne Palicki in the NBC rebooted Wonder Woman outfit. For comparisons sake I put her next to the DC rebooted Wonder Woman outfit. You check out the  full outfit picture after the jump.

But before you jump, Ms Palicki could be an interesting fit to play Sarah from my Tether Saga novels. What do you think?

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NaNoWriMo the Official Word Count

Today I posted my first draft to the National Novel Writing Month Website – NaNoWriMo.org and got my official count for Accept One. I am proud to say that I landed the novel at 72840 words one day ahead of schedule!!! Go Me 🙂

Introducing Smashwords

Introduction to Smashwords
Ebook Publishing and Distribution Made Easy

Did you know The Tether None Good is available in multiple eBook formats from Smashwords? Smashwords is fastest growing eBook distribution hub on the internet, sharing out one eBook file in all available eReader formats makes it one stop shopping destination for the best of Indie books.
This website is sending waves through the traditional publishing industry, and empowering Authors to take their words directly to the readers. Take a moment to watch this fun presentation to learn more about Smashwords, and you will find my novel The Tether None Good by clicking this link here.

Big Thank You to all my Kobo eBook Readers!!!

The Tether None Good on Kobo
I just want to take this moment to say thank you to all my eBook Readers that have picked up The Tether None Good off the Kobo eBookstore, thank you very, very much. I know Kobo is big in Australia and Canada, so I want to also say hello to all my readers up there, and of course down there too.

Don’t forget The Tether Accept One is slated for a mid-December release, so I hope you like the first book and are ready to see how everyones relationships develop in book two.  You can check out The Tether None Good Kobo listings by clicking the link here.