Steampunk Tale of Wonder – Prepare to Repel Boarders!

Rally“They are closing sir!” said Ensign Harrington pointing out of the bridge window.
“Looks like they are up in the stream,” added Lieutenant Johnson putting down the viewer. “We are still climbing, and they will be on us before we get up there.”
“I see them Mr. Johnson,” replied Captain Harris calmly.
“All crews to their guns, I want full power to the Newton’s, prepare to drop the chargers at my command. Helms maintain the current heading.”
“Aye Sir,” said the Ensign echoing the Captains orders down one of the brass speaking tubes.
The deck plates shifted under the bridge crew’s feet as Rally’s Newton’s strained to push the Frigate higher into the sky. Taking the viewer off Johnson, Captain Harris looked at the darting images of the pursuers, “We must have something they really want, those are Sturmhawks they are sending after us.” Continue reading

Iron Annie – A Steampunk Tale of Wonder and bonus story for the Graphic Novel Fabula Zero Exposition

Steam TankThe shells exploded overhead splintering the trees raining burning branches on a very startled Lieutenant James as he hurriedly dropped down into his leather command seat, slamming the Tanks turret hatch closed above him. On the way down he yelped in pain as the hard metal of the cupola slammed into his elbow; not even the thick padding of his leather tanker jacket stopped his bone from aching.
“Move out!” he yelled at his driver and then repeated the order to the Signal Corpsman; who hit the signal flash button – sending the order up the light pipe to the other tanks under his command. He was then rocked violently back in this chair as the driver opened the valves sending the Steamtank crunching across the forest clearing. The boxy vehicle known affectionately to the crew as Iron Annie was a tribute to right angles, rivets and good solid Victorian engineering, with three inch thick front armor and a large caliber howitzer embedded into its square turret there was little on the ground that could hurt her. The vehicle belched steam from its rear stack and pistons as it picked up speed, the ground churning in its wake; the other three tanks in the squadron lurched forward to keep up with the command vehicle. Continue reading

A Steampunk Tale of Wonder – The Last Flight of the Phoenix, Conclusion

Last Flight of the PhoenixAnnie’s mouth went dry as she pushed through a pair of dark wooden doors. She shuddered involuntarily at the sight of the man, who was once her lover in front of her, My God Peter, what has happened to you?”

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A Steampunk Tale of Wonder – Last Flight of the Phoenix, Part Three

Last Flight of the Phoenix

In her strafing run Annie knocked out a couple of observation posts and was certain she took out the gearing on one of the big guns. As she came to the end of her run, she looped the Victoria around scouring the Leviathan for Newton pylons, seeing none in sight, she pushed the air wing down and to the right before launching out into clear air behind the battleship. The entire strafing run took less than a handful of seconds and Annie realized she had been holding her breath for the entire run. Catching movement out of the corner of her eye, she visually confirmed that Carol had made the run too, and together they pulled away from the Leviathan. Continue reading

A Steampunk Tale of Wonder – Last Flight of the Phoenix, Part Two

Last Flight of the Phoenix

The Victoria screamed out of the Arc Royal, bobbed, waved and then flew true as the air-wing burst into the open air. The sight that greeted Annie almost overwhelmed her, she has never seen so many ships and wings in one place. Her hands started to shake, she could feel the panic start to take over her body and her mouth grew dry. It took more than a few seconds for her training to kick in and she could then take stock of the situation. The Dominion fleet hadn’t started to launch its air-wings yet, and training her eye on the silhouettes of the enemy ship it looked like only a two of them were carriers, not counting whatever the Leviathan was carrying behind its screen of escorts. Squinting she could see the enemy picket wings turn towards them, but they were pitifully few and not a threat to the waves of air-wings the Europa fleet were launching. A plan formed in her head, if they could get close enough and under the enemy fleets guns they might just do some serious damage to the Dominion here.

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