500 Word Flash Fiction – You can fly if you believe – extract from Dream a little Dream Notes


     “Trust me you can do this…”

     “Are you sure?”

     Jill looked back at Kirin, his long silver hair fluttering in the breeze with an infectious grin all over his face as he swiped the hair away from his auburn eyes. He had to be kidding, right? No, he was as serious as ever. She took a breath and looked down, the cliff she stood upon was a sheer fall, the crashing of waves under her sounded miles away; vertigo swam through her head and she could feel her knees go weak. There was no way she could do this, could she?

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500 Word Flash Fiction – The Odd Mirror

The Girl in the mirrorThere once lived a girl who had very rich parents and she had everything a girl could ever want. Her parents gave her anything she asked for from shiny toys, to jewelry, makeup and a real pony, she wanted for nothing and she knew it. One day while out with her Father, the girl chanced upon an odd looking shop painted brown with gold fluting and the words Mr. Nokes Ye Olde Antique Emporium were emblazoned upon the window. Through the store window she saw many curious objects including a large mirror edged with gold. The girl thought it was very pretty and wanted it for her room; of course the doting Father was unable to deny his Daughter anything and brought it immediately. Continue reading

500 Word Flash Fiction – The Final Lap

The Last CornerThis is the moment when everything is perfect; I feel every vibration, hum and screech like the entire car is embedded in me. In a way it is, I’m just the final component that brings all this finely engineered machinery together – the nut that holds the wheel. Continue reading

500 Word Flash Fiction – The Mech and the Captain

IR MechThe first time I met the Captain I was a snotty nosed junior officer just out of the Academy, desperate to see action and assigned as an Observer to the Captains Recon unit. I was told to shut up, do as I was told, stay out-of-the-way and maybe… just maybe… I might get back to HQ with my little war story.

That night the Captain was leading a Recon patrol into Century City to probe the Alliance forces and judge their strength before the Coalition launched its next offensive. Continue reading

500 Word Flash Fiction – My First Charge

The chargeI still remember that charge like it was yesterday. We were formed up in ranks looking all bright and shiny, and there was me in my new half harness armor standing in the front line all ashen faced trying my best to look brave. This was going to be my first pitch battle; countless hours of drill and pushing straw dolls around had not prepared me for the roar and clamor around me.  Continue reading