Geek Girl Gallery – the Bellatrix Lestrange cosplay photoshoot with Rose from

Bellatrix LestrangeOne of the fun things I get to do now and again is the occasional photoshoot with a Cosplayer who is looking for some good pictures and someone who can help them take a good photo. I’ve been working with RetroScreamers aka Rose for sometime getting pictures of her various outfits, the following galleries are a set we did while she was wearing Bellatrix Lestrange at Otakon, you can check out the image after the jump. Continue reading

Geek Girl Gallery – The return to Screamers Retro Toy Lair meeting Transformers Soundwave, Wheeljack, Alucard & the Baroness,

Welcome to our second Geek Girl Gallery update featuring the lovely Screamer (aka Rose), this girl is the reigning Queen of Retro Toy and Transformer knowledge and loves to show off her toys, and cosplay outfits. Including her famous Baroness outfit, one of the best on the cosplay circuit. Check out all the pictures after the jump.

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Geek Girl Gallery – The glamorous face of Transformers fandom meet Screamers more than meets the eye

Screamer coming at yaScreamers aka Rose is one of the leading sources of G1 Transformers fandom in the USA, her website Retroscreamers is packed full of toy information about the G1 Transformers line, and other retro toys. She is a major face in the Transformers community and even writes for the fan club magazine. She is also known for her amazing cosplay outfits like Soundwave, Wheeljack and the Baroness. I’m lucky enough to be good friends with her and work two photoshoots for her website, although I am yet to photograph her as the Baroness. You can check out these two shoots after the jump.

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