Mobile Fighter G Gundam Supplement added to the Fight Dice Action Figure Duel Game

Mobile Fighter G GundamThe Mobile Fighter G Gundam Supplement that contains a complete Mobile Fighter creation system and full tournament rules have been added to the Fight-Dice website.

These rules, once thought lost, are completely free to download are a fully contained gaming system. All you need is a printer, some Mobile Fighters and a lot of dice. Check out the full rules, download, enjoy and please leave a donation.

What is the Fight-Dice Combat System?

Fight DiceFight-DiceTM Rapid Action Dice Combat System is a tabletop game I invented allowing you to take any Action Figure you wanted and fight a duel with another Action Figure.

I play tested it to death and put together something that kinda worked. It was a perfect fit for the modular action figures that were around at the time such as Stikfas and Xervoz, and now would work well with the Modibots range. Continue reading

Reintroducing The Mobile Suit Gundam Battle System (MSGBS) For Tabletop Wargaming

Mobile Suit Gundam Battle SystemI originally wrote the Mobile Suit Gundam Battle System (MSGBS) Rules-Plugin for using Mobile Suits and Gundam’s way back in 2001.

I was inspired by the Gundam Anime series which I had recently discovered thanks to Cartoon Networks Toonami block – namely the Mobile Suit 08 Team OVA and I have a love of giant mecha from my Battletech days.

Over the last few months there has been a renewed interest in the MSGBS, so I thought this would be a great time to reintroduce this fun Rules-Plugin. Continue reading

Finished the Fight!!!


Most of you know when it comes to technology I am about 2-3 years behind everyone else and that I have no real love for gadgets for the sake of gadgets. To prove this point today, I finally ‘Finished the Fight’ on Halo 3 on my Xbox 360, you know about 2-3 years after the game has been released!?! Yes it took me until February 2010 to finally own a copy of the game, and until April to actually start playing it through to completion.

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Backing Up Fight-DiceTM

Its been a year of hearing really nothing about Fight-DiceTM from my Game Broker, we had a spark of interest from Endless Games and sadly the economy saw to that. Now I want to try to bring Fight-DiceTM back to market, and I’m not totally convinced that Matt is doing the job for it.  So…

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