Introducing Project Fabula Issue Zero and Exposition the story mashup begins

Sadly the Kickstarter funding for Project Fabula fell through. I am a little disappointed, but I’m going to move forward with a smaller version of the planned publication to show what I intended to do with Fabula.

For Project Fabula Issue Zero I’ve chosen my story from the 3C anthology The Cruelest Month called Exposition. Which is a tale of what happens to Jack a comic book writer with an extreme case of writers block. When Jack’s characters start to appear out of thin air he finds himself caught up in action right out of the pages of a comic book. This is a story full or Superheroes, Dastardly Villains, Evil Henchmen, Giant Robots and Ninjas. The question is; is Jack on the verge of a nervous breakdown? Or are these events more real than he realizes…

The prose story was a lot of fun to write, and a perfect story to convert into the storytelling Mashup that Fabula is, as it naturally lends itself to prose and comic book action.

I’ve teamed up with up and coming artist Bill Young for this story and the aim is to bring Project Fabula Issue Zero to publication for Baltimore Comic Con, in just over 78 days from now. Below is a preview of the character concepts for Captain Avenger, Doctor Dark, Mechaniod, the Spik & Spak twins and the Metacarpal Ninjas.

[photosmash id=20]

What is Project Fabula and what do I hope to do…

Fabula – the term used in Russian Formalism for the ‘raw material’ of story events as opposed to the finished arrangement of the plot

When I was growing up the UK the local newsagents had a rack jam packed full of an anthology comics featuring serialized action and adventure stories. Each time you would read 5-6 pages of a story, and then were left wondering and waiting for a week to find out what would happen next to your hero… It was simply brilliant!

Each comic would have 5-6 very different stories in it, giving you a series of wonderful tales for the price of just one comic. Project Fabula is a return to this magical time to reintroduce this way of telling stories… I do hope you join me on this ride, and enjoy the magic that is Fabula.
Nick Davis

What I hope to turn Project Fabula into is a quarterly anthology of short stories of fantasy and science fiction that are based in our reality, on our world, but are tweaked a few degrees to produce tales that will amaze. If we get there Fabula will be a fully printed book complete with full page illustrations and comic story. Sort of like the illustrated adventures annuals that were popular in the late 80′s.

The stories featured in Fabula will be a mix of prose and comic book tales, ranging from Steampunk, Contemporary & Urban Fantasy and Gritty Science Fiction. Some of the stories will be one shots, some will feature tales from the same universe, but will feature different characters, and some tales will be serialized over a run of books.

Yes, Project Fabula is a little bit of a throwback and showcase for storytelling that has long since passed. We hope to make each Fabula an event in itself, the aim to have a book of tales of a minimum of 150 pages per volume. We want to amaze you, to help you rediscover the wonder of stories and to share Fabula with your family and friends.

So much is up in the air at the moment, the first set of tales for Fabula have been complete and I am tried to secure illustrators for them. This of course requires funding which we used Kickstarter for and sadly failed to secure it, now the first volume of Fabula will not be for Baltimore Comic Con August 20th, 2011. However I do have another plan.

A smaller version of Fabula, named Fabula Zero is in the works. This smaller tome will feature one story that was planned for the first volume called Exposition – a story of super-heroics and a bad case of writers block. I hope to demonstrate with Zero what I intend to do with the full book; the story will feature a mix of comic panels and prose story telling. Stay tuned to this blog as I prepare Exposition and start the run towards getting Fabula Zero out for Baltimore Comic Con. How hard can it be?

Here we go…