Fabula Zero – The rough pencil cover for exposition by Bill Young

Exposition Rough Pencil CoverAs Baltimore Comic Con rushes towards us Fabula Zero Exposition is turning into a heckuva a book. Work still continues on lettering and laying out this mash-up of comic/prose story telling and Bill Young the Exposition book artist has sent me the rough pencil concept for the cover. Looks pretty cool, we have Captain Avenger, Spik & Spak, Doctor Dark and the Ninjas for the Bloody Left Metacarpal all giving the stare down to Jack… A good potent of the story that this cover will contain 🙂 Thoughts?

Fabula Zero – Sneak Peak at the first fully lettered page of Exposition; here comes Captain Avenger!

Exposition Page OneStill a little work to do the Exposition logo isn’t quite right yet and this page is going to be tweaked a little more. However, I thought you all might want to see a preview of what is to come. Any feedback you may have is greatly appreciated been a while since I’ve done lettering and I’m very rusty.

Fabula Zero – Exposition pencil roughs for pages 6-9 Attack of the Infeasible Large Mechaniod

Attack of the MechaniodWork on the Fabula Exposition book continues, today two things happened in its production; the final story page count was finalized and I received the roughs for pages 6 through 9 from my artist Bill Young.

The story page count stands at 42 (and yes I find the Hitchhiker Guide coincidence highly amusing), with 22 of the pages comic panels and the remaining prose story. I figure with the extras I will be adding the final full page count of this mashup of comic/prose story telling will stand around 48 pages. Making it a fairly decent size graphic novel.

The roughs I received are from the attack of Mechaniod section of the book. Which is also one of the more complicated sequences and a huge chase scene. I think Bill has captured some pretty good dynamic movement here, let me know what you think.

It is my hope in few days I will have the first set of pages laid out with dialog, and I will put them up as a preview so you can see what Fabula Exposition is really all about.

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Fabula Zero – First look at rough pencils for page five of Exposition and revision changes for pages 2-4

Fabula Zero Exposition Page FiveContinuing our on going open look at the production of the Fabula Zero Exposition book; here is the first look at the pencil rough for page five. This is the last page of the opening comic panels before the book flips into prose mode, see if you can guess what is going on.

Below is a small gallery of the revisions that were needed to made to the last set of pages; more Ninjas were added, Spik gets an extra gun and Spak is happier now he has a blade at the end of his chain, kudos to my artist Bill Young for turning these around so fast. Enjoy and watch out for more updates as we race towards our production deadline of July 31st.

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Fabula Zero – Exposition the first four rough pencil layout pages

Captain Avenger gets his Kirby sized action on!

Just giving you another sneak peak at the production work going on for the Fabula Zero Exposition story. In the Gallery below you can take a gander at the first four rough pencil layout pages by Bill Young. The roughs give us an idea of how the action from the comic script will play out across the page, and at this point any major changes or details are added… Like for example, add more Ninjas or Spik needs two guns. Please let us know your thoughts, very soon we hope to bring you a preview the first fully laid out complete pages; and yes I am geeking out over seeing my character Captain Avenger come to life on these pages.

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