Fabula Zero Exposition the graphic novel mashup of comic and prose is reviewed by Time for Hugs

Time for Hugs Fabula Zero Exposition ReviewTime for Hugs, a website run by Scott Markley, author/artist of the Unconscious the Grim Sleeper and writer of the popular blog Watching William reviewed by graphic novel homage to Superheroes and the comic book industry Fabula Zero Exposition. While this is the most unique graphic novel on the market it is hard book to explain; you seriously just have to read it. Check out Time for Hugs Fabula Zero Exposition review in full here.

Fabula Zero Exposition – Not A Superhero Comic Book

Fabula Zero Exposition Not A Superhero Story

Fabula Zero Exposition By Nick Davis
Not A Superhero Comic Book – $6.99
Art By Bill Young

What would you do if you found yourself inside a comic book?

Well Jack knows…

Even Jack will admit he isn’t having a great month. After finally getting his dream job as lead writer on the Captain Avenger comic his inspiration runs dry. With a submission deadline looming his editor on his back and no sleep for days he tries to hash out a story with little success. Then things really start to turn strange; Jack’s characters start popping up in his life and he finds himself caught up in action straight out of the pages of a superhero comic book.

The question is as Jack’s realities collide and the line between fiction and real life starts to blur is Jack on the verge of a nervous breakdown? Or are these events more real than he realizes…

Exposition is a unique mash-up of comic book and prose all about the insanity of writers block and what happens when your characters come to life around you. This is a story featuring Superheros, evil Villains, dim Henchmen, noisy Ninjas, giant Robots, flying Monkeys with laser-beams for eyes and a very diabolic dance number as a Jack begins to lose the plot as he desperately seeks the ending of to the story.

Order On AmazonFabula Zero – Exposition is a 46 page mash-up of comic book & prose story telling, and will be the most unusual not about superheroes at all comic you will ever read. Exposition is available for only $6.99 on Amazon.

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See you all at Artist Alley Booth A47 at Baltimore Comic Con

The time has come… Baltimore Comic Con marks the end of the convention season for me and also a renewal as the I start the wind up for the next year of dates. This event has always been my homecoming and I normally debut a big release at this event.

This year at Baltimore Comic Con I am debuting the illustrated story A Teddy Bear Tale II, the second part of Tristan adventures against the Monsters under the Bed as he explores a world within a world. I will also be debuting the first part of Cuddly Defender Range a series of Cuddly Tristan’s & Wilma’s you can buy to help protect you from the Monsters under the bed!!!

In addition to this amazing new story and the Cuddly Defenders I will be bringing A Teddy Bear Tale, brand new Cuddly Sketch Cards, the unique narrative prose & comic book action mash-up graphic novel Fabula Exposition Zero and the rest of the Alt-World books.  See you all at Baltimore Comic Con drop by Artist Alley Booth A47 and say hello!

Tristan goes to Wizard World Philly the Final Day and the last Cosplay Gallery… Ever Onwards..!

0002Well, the final day at Wizard World Philly is over, the dust has settled, tables put away, faded TV stars have returned to their personalized Tupperware only to be taken out for the next mega-event.  The four days while interesting were a little bit of a disappointment considering the size of the event, but to be fair Tristan was competing against the Five Star Trek Captains… We will get them next year though! Before I post the last Cosplay gallery from this event I do want to say our little Teddy Bear did go viral during this event and I think we will be seeing pictures of him popping up all over the place over the next few days. So while short-term the benefit wasn’t great I have hope that long-term… Now enjoy the gallery after the jump 🙂 Continue reading

Tristan at Wizard World Philly Day Two Friday… Friday…

Wizard World Day TwoDay two is over at Wizard World Philly and it was a long, long Friday and day three is stretching out in front of us. So I encourage you all to visit Tristan the Teddy Bear at the Wizard World Artist Alley Booth 2348 tomorrow and pick up a copy of A Teddy Bear Tale or the unique narrative and sequential prose mash-up Fabula Exposition. Don’t forget I am joined by Teddy Bear Artist Dan Nokes and he has all his graphic novel with him… So if you are in the area please come and check us out. Now enjoy Today’s Tristan and the Cosplayers Gallery (would of been more but my phone died).

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