Awesome Disney Tangled inspired Fairy tale Tower Birthday cake by the Sweetsfairy Home Bake shop check it out!

Disney Tangled Inspired Birthday CakeHave you seen this Birthday cake? Just look at it! It is bloody amazing! My wife Jean aka as the Head of the Sweetsfairy Home Bake shop with the help of her friend Brianna from N3rdy Girl Designs put together an awesome custom Disney Tangled inspired Fairy Tale Tower Birthday cake. Check out the gallery after the jump to see more  Continue reading

Awesome Captain America Birthday cake!!! Check it out!!!

Awesome Captain America Birthday Cake

Awesome Captain America Birthday cake, eh? It was baked by my wife Jean who is the owner of – a celebration cupcake company. She did an amazing job on this cake, and I really didn’t want to cut into it and eat it, but we did anyway… And it tasted just as fantastic as it looked! Captain America did indeed eat his mighty shield 😉

I had a great Birthday party yesterday and thank you to everyone that came, it was the greatest 38th Birthday party I’ve ever had!!!