I was invited to the Capes and Babes Halloween Party! Click through to check out my costume!

Capes and Babes Halloween Party

Capes and Babes Halloween Party

Chris Flick, a convention buddy, and the writer and artist of the most excellent webcomic Capes & Babes threw an in comic Halloween party. And I managed to scrounge up an invite! Click-through to check out my most awesome costume…

Tristan the Teddy Bear Guest Stars in the Itchy Cartoon strip by Scott Markley from Time for Hugs

Tristan meets Itchy from Time for HugsTristan the Teddy Bear meets Itchy from the Time for Hugs Webcomic by Scott Markley. To learn more about Time for Hugs and Itchy and the Grimms click here.

Repost – Brutal Tips On Breaking Into Comics (Warning: LONG!) by Gail Simone

catmanIf you are thinking about breaking into the publishing industry albeit writing as an Author or into Comics then you need to read this most excellent and very truthful blog from Gail Simone (re – Batgirl, Secret Six). It contains the absolute truth you need to know to break into this industry…

Click here to read it and remember persistence, belief and some talent is the key, even then it takes timing,  little luck and a lot of gumption… Good luck True Believers!!!

A 24 hour Ty Templeton Comic Book Challange – The Last Day by Rodrigo Bravo

ThelastdayEvery now and again I pay a visit to the Ty Templeton’s Art Land home of the Bunny Toons and a great place for insight into the mainstream comic book business. Also the Bunny Toons weekly comic is well written and offers some interesting looks at life. The last update Ty hosted a 24 hours comic book challenge and posted the results to his blog – you can click here to check them all out.

My personal favorite of the bunch was The Last Day by Rodrigo Bravo, a 24 page strip with no dialogue at all. Please click here to read it, warning though it is a little bit of a tear jerker at the end.

The Cuddly Defenders take on the Monsters under the Bed a quick sketch by Dan Nokes

The Cuddly Defenders by Dan Nokes

The Cuddly Defenders by Dan Nokes

This sketch by Dan Nokes is part of his daily Quick Sketch Challenge where he asks you to challenge him to a illustrate anything from your imagination – you can click here to learn how to take part. I asked to Dan, who is also the artist for A Teddy Bear Tales to draw the Cuddly Defenders Tristan, Wilma and Archer surrounded by the Monsters under the bed. This is also a concept drawing for an idea I am playing with for the first Teddy Bear Tale comic…