NaNoWriMo the Official Word Count

Today I posted my first draft to the National Novel Writing Month Website – and got my official count for Accept One. I am proud to say that I landed the novel at 72840 words one day ahead of schedule!!! Go Me 🙂

I did it!!! Accept One first draft is now complete…

Quick post, today I officially completed the first draft for Accept One, the second book in The Tether series. No official word count yet as yet, my guess I landed this draft close to 70000 words. I am though very happy I completed the novel during NaNoWriMo… Time to do a very happy dance…

Might hit my mid-December publishing date yet…

Hit my @NaNoWriMo National Novel Writing Month 50000 Words

Today around 12.28pm I hit my National Novel Writing Month target word count of 50K – The actually count is 50368. Now its time to start running towards my secondary goal which is completing The Tether: Accept One by November 30… Now lets see if I can do it…

An even better answer to Better yet, DON’T Write that Novel article on

Today, I found an even better answer to the Better Yet, DON’T Write That Novel by Laura ‘How Dare you Be Creative’ Miller on The article link was posted in last nights blog. If you read it, you will remember it was an out and out attack on the writers taking part in the National Novel Writers Month, an extremely meant spirited piece of writing.

The LA Times Jacket Cover Column posted a fantastic response to this nasty article; Click here to view it – 12 Reasons to Ignore the Naysayers: Do NaNoWriMo by Carolyn Kellogg

Not only is it better, and much more reasoned response to Laura Miller’s elitist blog than mine; Laura Miller responded to it herself! You will find her response halfway down the 2nd page – Click here to view it. Another interesting read in itself as she manages to contradict herself, and tie herself into knots.

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My Answer to Better yet, DON’T Write that Novel on

To understand what the blog below is about, you need to first click the link below and read the article from Laura ‘How Dare People Create’ Miller over on, it is called Better yet, DON’T Write that Novel by Laura Miller and is aimed at the budding writers taking part in National Novel Writers Month.

Direct Link is here –

Here is my reply to this article, that is dripping with the sort of elitism that really does piss me off… When I first read Better yet, DON’T Write that Novel, I got a little mad. After all, the message seems to be don’t bother creating, its a waste of time, and how dare you NaNoWriMo plebes think you’re good enough to be read. Then I got it, and I smiled.

The author of this article has been reduced to writing incendiary blogs for advertising dollars, because her own novel didn’t shift any numbers, despite name dropping one the most beloved classic children’s fantasy series of all time in its title.

Let it go… People write, if they want to write during NaNoWriMo let them.  The biggest and most successful books in the last 10 years have been located on that publishers slush pile, written by such dreamers as those you will find at NaNoWriMo. From teen Wizards to Sparkly Emo Vampires who are you to set the trend?

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