Writing Without Fear: Reinventing The Fantastic Four Movie

Marvel Fantastic Four

Welcome of a new edition of Writing Without Fear, today I am taking a look at what has becoming the lonely redheaded step child of the collective Marvel Movie Universe, the Fantastic Four.

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My #inktober Challenge… 31 Days… 31 Original Inked Sketch Cards…

Batbear by Nick Davis

Batbear by Nick Davis

The month of October is now known as Inktober, a special event for artists to draw just using ink. The bare bones of this event is you must draw one original ink art piece a day (full marathon), or every other day (if you want to do the half-marathon). Continue reading

Creator Spotlight – The Mysterious Maryland Indie Creator Dan Nokes from 21st Century Sandshark Studios

21st Century Sandshark Studios LogoThe Creator Spotlight shines the light over Dan Nokes of 21st Century Sandshark Studios of Paranormals, Pistoleers and Love Triangle in the Zombie Apocalypse fame. 

Dan NokesGreeting, salutations and hello to all!  This is writer/artist/publisher/founder of the Southern Maryland DIY indie comic movement: Dan Nokes! Who am I and what do I do?  Well those are some long, sordid, and elaborate questions. So let me try to sum it up as briefly and succinctly as possible. Continue reading

Reintroducing The Mobile Suit Gundam Battle System (MSGBS) For Tabletop Wargaming

Mobile Suit Gundam Battle SystemI originally wrote the Mobile Suit Gundam Battle System (MSGBS) Rules-Plugin for using Mobile Suits and Gundam’s way back in 2001.

I was inspired by the Gundam Anime series which I had recently discovered thanks to Cartoon Networks Toonami block – namely the Mobile Suit 08 Team OVA and I have a love of giant mecha from my Battletech days.

Over the last few months there has been a renewed interest in the MSGBS, so I thought this would be a great time to reintroduce this fun Rules-Plugin. Continue reading

Video Preview of the Tristan and the Cuddly Defenders Teddy Bear Adventure Graphic Novel

Tristan and the Cuddly Defenders Cover

Tristan and the Cuddly Defenders Cover, Story by Nick Davis, Art by Dan Nokes

Okay Teddy Bear Army, here is the video preview of the Tristan and the Cuddly Defenders Graphic Novel. This is the printers-proof of the book so it contains some minor formatting and typography errors, but it is largely what the finished product will be.  You can see the video after the jump. Continue reading