How Does Hollywood Not Get Superman?

All Star Superman the Man Of SteelAt some point a couple of years before we saw the soulless train-wreck that was Man Of Steel (MoS) the Exec’s running the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) got around a table and decided Superman was not interesting enough, that he had to be more edgy, less super, less good, more like Batman. The movie should be dark, depressing, meaningless and above all the DCEU Superman must not be seen rescuing any innocent bystanders in the finale fight… Oh, and he has to kill Zod because audiences expect that type of closure. Continue reading

NASA Cuts Live Video Feed Of International Space Station As UFO’S Rise From Earth #iwanttobelieve

NASA cuts live feed on appearance of UFOSomething odd happened to the International Space Stations’ live feed on Monday June 29, 2015 – just as three UFO’s were pictured rising from Earth’s atmosphere NASA cut the feed. See the video after the jump. Continue reading

What On Earth Is Going On With Planet Ceres?

Ceres Pyramid and LightsIt is a small rock stuck in an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, it is barely a dwarf planet and has been largely ignored. Now though as the tractor sized probe Dawn obits this tiny little planet it is suddenly the subject of speculation after two mysterious lights were found shining from its surface, and today a 3-mile high pyramid-shaped object was spotted. This speculation runs from an alien civilization, to a deposit of ice or salt reflecting light. I have my own theory and it is fairly simple – we left something behind on our planet hop to Earth. Hey… makes about much sense as Aliens, right?

Ceres Mysterious Lights

Source NASA JPL – Ceres Spots Continue To Mystify In Latest Dawn Images

Writing Without Fear – Before The Pixar Inside Out Movie There Was The Numskulls

Pixar Inside OutIn this Writing Without Fear column we are going to quickly talk about original story ideas, and how their isn’t really any, and how it is all just variations on a theme. This week Pixar is about to release their next animated feature which is called Inside Out, that features animated versions of our emotions sitting in your brain and controlling you – sounds pretty original, eh?

Continue reading

Writing Without Fear – Write Your Story No Matter The Character You Choose

Nick and Tristan the Teddy Bear at VA Comic ConWelcome to my third Writing Without Fear article, this is my exploration of the world of writing, of creating and building your own characters, and telling your own stories.

Today’s commentary and exploration of writing was prompted by this article ‘The 3 Reasons Why Indies Should Never Use Superheroes‘ that was knocking around my Facebook feed at the start of the week. Continue reading