#RoyalWedding 2011 – HRH Prince William & Catherine Middleton my thoughts

I am by no means a royalist and many times in the last few weeks I’ve been asked my thoughts about the upcoming Royal Wedding. I guess it’s because I am English and assumed to have some vested interest in it. In a way I do, they are my Royal family, they are what makes my home country so different to many others, in a way they belong to me and I am still a subject of the crown.

I do feel pride talking about the Royal family, it’s long history, and their very special place in British constitution. A Head of State without any of the burdens of running that state, sounds powerless, but is an immensely powerful position should the need be. I take pride knowing that every member of the Royal Family has served in the Armed Forces, many taking part in frontline actions. To see them risking their lives, and their son’s and daughters; when really they have no need too is inspiring and a lesson some in power in other countries could well learn.

However, in all honesty I don’t feel anything about this marriage, I think it is fantastic that two young and seemingly well balanced people are getting married, and that this marriage seems to be built on a genuine relationship and love. I wish them well and hope the marriage lasts through all the enormous outside pressures that will come to bear. Bon chance to them both… Now where was my invitation? Lost in the mail I suppose, eh?

Are our Xbox raised Children missing out on our fundamental wasted youth skills?

Ultrazone ScoreYesterday I took my two Boys to play Lasertag, the wasted youth sport of walking really fast in a black light, dry ice covered maze while shooting the other person in their pack with your Laser. Lots of fun, and chance for the boys to show up their Old Man in a game of skill, daring and perhaps a little accuracy.

Ultrazone  is a nice little Lasertag arena in one of our local Malls, and features an arcade so you can burn quarters while waiting for your games. It is here we hit upon the first fundamental problem, the boys had no idea how to operate an Arcade machine. Flummoxed because much of my youth was spent attached to various Arcade machines, (I became an Outrun specialist), I found myself explaining how to put quarters in and how to select two players, then how to play the games. It just felt very wrong on deep level.

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My thoughts on the new Ultimates Mini-series Captain America… Oh dear… Why?

I’m not sure what happened with the Ultimate line of comics from Marvel, they charged into the early 00’s with innovative character redesigns and realistic re-tellings of Marvels greatest, unburdened with years of continuity. When they did Ultimates, the Avengers of this universe it was done with such cinematic imagination by Mark Millar it was an amazing breath of fresh air. Then something happened… Ultimates 3 knocked the wind out of the franchise with the worst set of stories ever, no thats unfair. Ultimatum in the hands Jeph Loeb did that and basically destroyed the credibility of the Ultimates universe. But this review isn’t about Jeph Loeb, but maybe it is? Because thats what I feel when I read Ultimates new mini-series Captain America.

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Surviving another journey around the sun… Happy New Year!!!

Welcome one and all to the New Year, we are finally in 2011 and this is the real start to a new decade. This is time for us all to have new adventures, to brave the unknown and make a grab at one of your dreams. Make this year, make this decade yours, an adventure is waiting for you all you need to do is open your eyes and look around.

Now don’t be afraid, even standing still you’ve survived another journey around the sun, and have traveled an astronomical 584 million miles revolving at 18.54 mph through the most hostile environment known to man – outer space… Keep in mind the risk and mileage you experience just standing still, everything else after that is really easy, eh?

Happy New Year Everybody… Go have an adventure, just don’t forget your Towel 😉

Why I hate Black Friday Sales – Door Busters Idiots

Today I found myself outside Target at 3.20am waiting for the Black Friday sale to begin. This broke a seven year long formed habit of avoiding these events, and although I had a good reason to be here, there were a number of reminders why I hate Black Friday sales.

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