The Comic Book Convention That Banned Cosplayers

Elite Con No Cosplay AllowedYes, you read that right, Elite Con – a very small pop-culture collectible convention down in Florida is riding the waves of social media drama by banning Cosplayers from their show, and as you can imagine across the cosplay community a tsunami of condemnation hit their Facebook page.

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Hey DCEU! Is It Time To Put The Man Back Into Superman?

SupermanI have never made any secret of my bitter disappointment in the DCEU movies and the almost criminally mishandling of the characters and their core values. However what they did to Superman was a crime, sacrificing his values on the altar of building a franchise… When really all they needed to do was put the man into Super.

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Stranger In A Strange Land: The Burden Of A Second Generation Conservative

Stranger In A Strange LandI try my best to never be political on my blog, I do try, some times it creeps into my social media, mainly when I see a lunacy of an action, but writing a blog polarizes more than it ever heals and frankly with how partisan the USA politics have become, the hassle of dealing with extreme supporters of the left or right, just isn’t worth it. Sometimes though I cannot be silent, and the Presidential election here in the USA has made it harder to be the silent observer and being a second generation conservative that silence has to be broken. So, for what they are worth here are my thoughts of being a second generation Conservative, a stranger in a strange land.

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It Is DCEU v The World… Again… Again… With The Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad v the World

First lets start this post with this – it is possible to be a fan of something and still be able to criticize it, this act does not make you less of a fan, it just means you expected better. With that being said it looks like the latest release from the DC Expanded Universe (DCEU) Suicide Squad has been largely lambasted by the critics for being another DCEU train wreck.

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It’s The End Of The World Again… Again… Again…

End Of The World Again

Well, here we go again… Apparently July 29, 2016 is Armageddon, the end of the world again… again… again… How many times has this been predicted now? I’ve lost count. Anyhow, Armageddon is upon us, the apocalypse, the end times, revelation, rapture or what ever you want to call is here again. So, if you reading this it means…

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