Long rumored, much promised, now The Fabula is a coming

The Fabula Airships
The Fabula is a coming and the picture above will give a clue at some of the contents of the first issue of what I hope will become a quarterly publication. Watch for more details, more clues, hints and sneak peaks of what is to come in this exciting new quarterly series of tales that will explore the world of mine and other writers imagination.

Why the Nolan Batman movies suck… Hard to disagree with some of these…

This list was posted over on the Superman World Blogspot and then it appeared in the Comic Book Resource Twitter feed.

Its the Top Ten Reasons why the Nolon Batman movies suck, its hard not disagree with some of them. After all both Batman movies are very good movies, just in my opinion not very good comic book movies. An example of a good comic book movie was Ironman that was also released this year.

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The Archer, the Horse and the Princess now the 3rd most Downloaded Fairy Tale on the Nook!!!

The Wonder Tales Issue #1 The Horse, the Archer and the Princess
Thats right! The Wonder Tales Issue #1 The Archer, the Horse and the Princess is now the 3rd most downloaded Fairy Tale on the Nook as of today (listings change daily). Thank you to everyone that has downloaded and read this simple Fairy Tale about a quest for impossible things. Click here to download a sample for yourself. Also please take a moment and check out the rest of The Wonder Tales as well 🙂