Drawing Outside Your Comfortzone – The 2016 Art Of Nick Davis

Hugs From Tristan The Teddy BearWelcome to the last ‘Drawing Outside Your Comfortzone’ for 2016, the series of posts that exist to prod you into just drawing!

Now, I have never once pretended to be a good artist, through trial and error, and a lot of practice I’ve managed to make a few things work – with only a few more hours left in 2016 and it is time to take a look at the art I have drawn, sketched, and attempted over 2016.

Warning… Art of sorts ahead!!!

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End Goal Unlocked Weight Target Achieved… Go Me!

My I made it to 220 selfie... Reclaiming Me! Hello Everybody, it has been a while since I’ve talked about my Daily10 exercise regime and on the first anniversary I want to share with you some good news I’ve hit my target goal of 220lbs (the weight I was when I first entered the USA)… Yay!

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Writing Without Fear: Reinventing The Fantastic Four Movie

Marvel Fantastic Four

Welcome of a new edition of Writing Without Fear, today I am taking a look at what has becoming the lonely redheaded step child of the collective Marvel Movie Universe, the Fantastic Four.

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The Dynamics Of Losing Weight (or how I cheated myself to win)

Tristan the Teddy Bear and Alt World Studios Chief Everything Officer Nick DavisIt has been a long while since I last posted an article about my journey into losing weight and getting fitter, you will be pleased to know I am still on this journey and now sitting at 225lbs (down from 260lbs this time last year). On my last post about my #Daily10 journey I had stated I was switching gears and looking at maintenance over losing weight – the conclusion being I’m at the point now that muscle mass would be lost instead of actually weight. I am simply 5lbs away from the weight I was in my twenties and I don’t think I can get any further.

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