The Runaround Birthday

Wow, today was an odd one. I’ve finally flipped the corner from mid-thirties to late thirties now and on some surveys I am sure I’ve moved up a bracket. I still have a lot of life plans to follow through on, and now just past the Biblical mid-point I better get my move on.

Looking at the Next Decade

Wow… This means I’ve been in the USA for 10 years now!!! That’s almost a one third of my life that I’ve been living in amongst you Yanks

And now we are on the tip of a new decade, with new adventures and excitement for us all. What are you plans for the new year and beyond?

This next year it is a simple task…

1. Stay employed.
2. Get my Story published
3. Get Fight-Dice or Speederz published
4. Write my next story

Think it can be done?

Remains to be seen… I promise another exciting year of ups, downs and exciting adventures for all.

And with a new decade around the corner its going to be a stonker!!!

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