A Funny Thing Happened Down my Local Chip Shop

Last night, tired, a little brow beaten and wanting to get home and rest. We hit up the best local Fish and Chip shop that seems to exist on the East Coast of the USA – The Original Fish and Chip Shop Great place, great fish and nice chips (re – USA French Fries).

Anyhow, I got a most unusually offer… The owner Andy asked me if I wanted to do some voice actor work for his next Radio Ad, because well… I’m English and he needs that authentic accent. I was a little amazed, and of course said yes… So watch out, you might just be hearing me soon on your local Radio air waves. Pretty cool news, eh?

A Day out in DC

Today was a good day… One of the good things about living fairly close to Washington DC is all the Smithsonian Museums are FREE!!! Making for an great inexpensive way to give your kids a fun day out. Even though we were pressed for time we hit up White House (see above), Museum of American History, Natural History Museum and the Air & Space Museum.

A nice way to end the summer and give the kids something to talk about. Plus it gave me a couple of ideas for the second part of The Tether

A Day Out at the Zoo

Rocking the Eagle

Been a busy day, took it off work to spend some time with my kids before summer finally comes to an end. Here we are on the Pennsylvania Railroad Eagle at the Smithsonian Washington DC Zoo… Awesome Zoo, made doubly awesome by it being completely free… Although they hit you on the parking, concessions and souvenir stores. It was a good day…

Meeting Screamers at Otakon

Not the first time Rose and I have meet, but what makes this special was I bumped into her in the Inner Harbor here at Baltimore during Otakon. I actually wasn’t attending, but spotted them while traveling through.  Picture after the jump…

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