Creator Spotlight – Taking a look at Free Fall Press and Comics United, El Diablo, Inner Beings and more…

Time to return to my semi-regular guest column Creator Spotlight, this is where I hand the reigns of AltWorld to a Comic Creator to talk about their work and to showcase their achievements. The Spotlight is a great place to discover new talent, new stories and new books. But enough of my rambling… This weeks Creators Spotlight is now in the hand of Mike Waggoner of Free Fall Press, take it away Mike…

Comics United LogoHello, I’m Mike Waggoner from Free Fall Press and Comics United. I am a writer, artist, colorist, letterer and editor who has been in this crazy business since releasing my first mini-comics back in the early 90’s. Free Fall Press is the name of my publishing company and was founded in 1991, which is also a part of the Comics United family of books. Continue reading

Creator Spotlight – Christopher Otto, Creator of A Dog’s Life a comic strip of canine comedy and adventure

This week’s Creator Spotlight shines on  Christopher Otto the Creator of A Dog’s Life webcomic that follows the antics of chocolate Labrador and his adopted sister, and if you’re not reading it… You should be!. Now take it away Chris…

Chris Otto and HunterMy name is Chris Otto and I am the creative force behind the award-winning online comic, “A Dog’s Life”. The strip has been recognized by several sites in the online dog community (people who love dogs, that is; I’m not sure many dogs are online, but you never know!) as one of the top dog sites. This has opened many doors for me, from product reviewing to a couple of shots at national, even international exposure that I will get into in a moment, but first, a little about myself and the strip! Continue reading

Creator Spotlight – The Mysterious Maryland Indie Creator Dan Nokes from 21st Century Sandshark Studios

21st Century Sandshark Studios LogoThe Creator Spotlight shines the light over Dan Nokes of 21st Century Sandshark Studios of Paranormals, Pistoleers and Love Triangle in the Zombie Apocalypse fame. 

Dan NokesGreeting, salutations and hello to all!  This is writer/artist/publisher/founder of the Southern Maryland DIY indie comic movement: Dan Nokes! Who am I and what do I do?  Well those are some long, sordid, and elaborate questions. So let me try to sum it up as briefly and succinctly as possible. Continue reading

Creator Spotlight – Maryland Indie Comic Publisher PLB Comics

PLB Comics BannerThe Creator Spotlight proudly welcomes PLB Comics, an Indie Comic Publisher from Maryland’s Eastern Shore. So, in their own words let’s take a look at what PLB Comics is all about.

PLB Comics - FallFirst of all I’d like to thank Nick Davis for the opportunity for me to talk about PLB Comics with all of you. I’m James Dufendach, Editor/Letterer/PR & Marketing/Grunt labor, and am one-third of the core PLB creative team. We are an independent publisher located on the Eastern Shore of MD, and we specialize in grittier titles, think cable TV after 9pm.

Our current main line titles include The Fall: Vengeance & Justice of which we just published the fifth issue, and Gideon and Sebastian: Predators & Prey whose third issue is currently in development. PLB also does a yearly Halloween special which features anthology style tales of terror. Continue reading

Creator Spotlight – Meet Scott ‘The Grim Sleeper’ Markley and Time for Hugs

Spotlight on Time for HugsWelcome to  a new feature on Alt World, every week (with luck) I will allowing an Indie Creator to blog on my website and tell us all about their work, what motivates them, what plans they are developing for the year and what work they are most proud of so far.

The honor of the first spotlight goes to Scott Markley – Creator of Time for Hugs and Unconscious: The Grim Sleeper. I first met Scott at the Baltimore Book Festival and we’ve attended conventions and swapped work on a couple of occasions. But enough from me, let me give Scott to introduce himself in his own words… Take it away Old Chap… Continue reading