Help Save Maryland Protest Nationals Game – The Follow Up

Quick follow up on the Help Save Maryland protest of the Nationals game against the Diamondbacks. I searched the internet all day for any mention of this promised mass protest, thinking if it was big enough it would appear at least on the AP wire and only found this on The Nation Blog

The Nation Blog – Today We Did Some Good

Seems the mass of protest of HSM turned out to be seven people… Must of been a double coupon day somewhere… 😉

An Open Letter to ‘Real’ Conservatives…

Believe it or not my politics are considered conservative back in my home country and I consider myself a centralist on many issues. Of course in the USA that makes me a dreaded liberal/socialist and therefore bad… Which makes me laugh, and then a little sad that conservative here means something that is potentially dark and very dangerous… Anyhow, I found this on the interwebs today…

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Help Save Maryland goes to DC

I suspect none of you know anything about Help Save Maryland, and trust me that is a good thing.  HSM are a special interest group that concern themselves with dealing immigration issues, are affiliated with the Tea Party movement and protest big government (anything Rush Limburgh tells them thats bad), now if it was just that simple, they might actually be worth listening too, or worthy of satire.

However as an immigrant myself I find them scary and a throwback to another darker era. I’ve ran into a small group of them on the Baltimore Sun Forums, none of them are particularly pleasant and are represent everything that is bad about message boards.

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