Teddy Bear Tales Art

Inspired by the Teddy Bear Tales, this is a gallery of concept art for new characters to different looks for Tristan and Wilma. To learn more about the Teddy Bear Tales and Tristan’s adventures in the World within a World please click here.

My Art

Not everything I draw is Teddy Bear related, okay a lot of it is, but… I draw other stuff too!!! The art below is full-page, or unique in its creation being it experiments in technique or attempts at trying something that just isn’t just furry or that fluffy. All of it though is practice as I attempt to re-learn all the drawing skills I learned a very long time ago.

Sometimes I get it right… Sometimes I do not… All of it pushes me forward a little more as I slowly get my head around new techniques. Enjoy the fruits of my journey below.

The Cuddly Sketches

The Cuddly Sketches an ongoing art project of making our Comic Book, TV & other Pop Culture Characters  a little more cuddly and furry than you might remember them. Inspired by artwork of The Teddy Bear Tales, this is original art by Nick Davis.

You can buy the Original Cuddly Sketch Art, a Trading Card sized print and some limited full-size prints at Alt World and Teddy Bear Tales convention and store appearances.

Keep checking back as the Cuddly Sketches project is constantly growing and if you want a Comicbook/Pop Culture character drawn a little more Cuddly, please drop me message via the contact form or leave a comment below.

View the Cuddlies Gallery One

Cuddly Sketch Gallery One

View the Cuddlies Gallery Two

Cuddly Sketch Gallery Two

View the Cuddlies Gallery Three

Cuddly Sketch Gallery Three

The Cuddly Sketch Gallery Two

The Cuddly Sketch Gallery Two
Doctor Who, Batman, Thor, Kick-Ass and more… The Cuddly Sketches are your heroes and villains from comic book and TV made that little more furry…

The Cuddly Sketch Gallery One

The Cuddly Sketch Gallery One
From Captain America to Hellboy and beyond your favorite comic and  TV characters a little more cuddlier and furrier than you remember them… Meet the Cuddlies!