Awesome commission by Teddy Bear Tales Artist Dan Nokes – Jedi Tristan vs a Sith Cat

Jedi Tristan vs Sith Cat by Dan Nokes

I had to share this pretty cool commission art by Dan Nokes, the Teddy Bear Tales artist and local indie creator. He was commissioned to do this piece at Baltimore comic con and it turned out great. Be sure to check out his other work over on his website at 

Adventures in Acrylic with Tristan the Defender Teddy Bear

Nick vs AcrylicI rarely have that much spare time, with work, kids, life, the wife, fixing things that break off in the house, figuring out Tristan’s next adventure, getting The Daughter of Frost ready and run its Kickstarter, writing my next story etc… etc… So I’ve had little chance over the last month to pick up a brush, let alone explore a new art medium. This weekend I had the chance and after a series of Cuddly Heroes in using Watercolor I tried my hand at Acrylic paints.  And after surviving an exploding tube of Emerald Green you can view my results below.

[photosmash id=81]

Something special may yet come this way as we look at the art inspired by The Daughter of Frost

The Daughter of Frost by Nick DavisDid you know The Wonder Tale The Daughter of Frost was written for my Daughter? To celebrate this story, which has turned into one my best-selling Wonder Tales eBooks. I’m working on a special project trying to illustrate the book. As I work to try to make this happen several Artists have submitted test pieces of Aneira the Daughter of Frost…

[photosmash id=79]

To learn more about The Daughter of Frost visit please click here

A fan inspired backstory of the movie Black Widow & Hawkeye

Black Widow & Hawkeye

Black Widow & Hawkeye by Lettie

Taken inspiration from The Avengers movie an indie artist named Lettie produced eight images which are snapshots that explore the movie relationship between Black Widow and Hawkeye. To check out the complete set of images and the inspiration behind them click here.

A Teddy Bear Tale… Or as we call it a Teddy Bear meets 300 and some Quick Sketch Fun!

300 Teddy Bear

This is Teddy! Quick Sketch by Dan Nokes

Been a long week for me… But, time for a little Quick Sketch Fun. This is Teddy!!! Is brought to you by the Daily Quick Sketch Challenge over on 21st Century Sandshark by Artist in Chief and Teddy Bear Tale Artist Dan Nokes. The inspiration behind it is part of the pitch when we talk about A Teddy Bear Tale is it’s a Teddy Bear meets 300 for all ages. Be sure to check out the other Quick Sketches I’ve managed to challenge him with and take part in his quick sketch draw here.