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This Weekend You Can Find Me At The Comic Con For Kids In Philly!

The Comic Con For KidsHey, hey this weekend Altworld Studios is back on the road,and we will be at the Kids Comic Con in Great Oaks, PA and it looks like a stonker of a show! Or as the Kids Comic Con puts it, a 200,000 square foot, immersive, one-of-a-kind, pop culture, gaming, tech event for the entire family.

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The Simple Story Of A Girl, Her Teddy Bear And A Quest To Save Our Dreams From Monsters

TeamD The Story Of A Girl And Her Teddy BearTeam-D is an adventure comic book following the adventures of Dee, a super-smart, young girl, and her grumpy, old teddy bear named Duo, and their little big adventure across the multi-dimensions of the Teddy Bear Universe to save dreams from the Monsters under the bed.

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Preview The Art Of Awakenings: Here Be Monsters

A Teddy Bear Adventure Comic BookHey Teddy Bear Fans, the work continues on the latest Teddy Bear Tales Awakenings Book: Here Be Monsters. With the scripts done the books Artist, the talented Veronica Smith is starting to really knock out the pages. After the ‘Read More’ jump you can preview the art of the openings pages.

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