Tristan the Teddy Bear & the Cuddly Defenders Comic: Out of the Attic

Tristan the Teddy Bear and the Cuddly Defenders ComicTristan & the Cuddly Defenders Anthology Comic – Out of the Attic #1 – Out Of Print
By Nick Davis, Dan Nokes, Scott Markley, Keir Knikia Lyles and Josh Lyman

Adventure Ahead! Tristan the Teddy Bear and his friends the Cuddly Defenders adventures continue in the world of wonder in this 28 page full color anthology comic. This book is packed full of Teddy Bear action as Tristan and his friends foil the evil schemes of the Bogeyman and his Legions of Monsters under the Bed.

The Stories

This Cuddly Comic Anthology has five stories based on the Teddy Bear Tales, that explore this world of wonder in greater detail than ever before.

  • The Great Reality Wall by Nick Davis, Art by Dan Nokes – the Great Reality Wall has a crack in it and Tristan and the Cuddly Defenders and must stop an old enemy from passing through this crack between worlds.
  • Forrest & Scout by Scott Markley, Art by Keir Knikia Lyles – two new Cuddly Toys Forrest & Scout enter the World of Wonder to hunt the Monster of the Month unleashed by Miss Fluffykins.
  • The Great Hill Race by Nick Davis, Art by Dan Nokes – Wilma Bunny enters the Annual Great Hill Race, but one of the Racers isn’t who they seem to be.
  • Helping Hand by Nick Davis, Art by Keir Knikia Lyles – the debut of Artie a fan-created Cuddly Defender who guards his child’s treasure.
  • The Menace of Mech-A-Nor by Dan Nokes – the residents of Second Chance are menaced by the rampaging Mech-A-Nor and the most reluctant, and smallest, of Cuddly Defenders Fernando must figure out how to stop it.

You Can Find The Full Story In A Teddy Bear Tales: Unconditional

A Teddy Bear Tales: Unconditional - A Teddy Bear Adventure Graphic NovelA Teddy Bear Tales: Unconditional | Story by Nick Davis | Art By Dan Nokes – This 170 page full-color graphic novel collects together the complete illustrated story collection and comic books. A Teddy Bear Tale Parts One & Two, Cuddly Defenders: Friends, Menace Of Mek-A-Nor & Out Of The Attic. Available in the following formats:
[Kindle eBook – $2.99] [Paperback – $24.99] [Hardback – $19.99]

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