The Adventures Of Hero Ted – The Superhero Teddy Bear

Hero Ted, the Super Hero Teddy Bear Saving The World Before Bedtime

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The Adventures of Hero Ted, the Superhero Teddy Bear battling for truth, justice and a better bedtime. This Cuddly Hero is leading the way to defeat the Evil Boogeyman and his Legions of Monsters under the bed in his all-ages 28 page action comic book; written and drawn by Nick Davis.

Who Is Hero Ted?

Hero Ted is the Superhero alias of Teddy, a mild-mannered everyday Teddy Bear who snuggles up to his boy at night and accompanies him on his travels. But, when danger rears its head he puts on his child’s security blanket, and in a flash of golden light turns into Hero Ted, the super-strong, flying Superhero for a younger generation.

His Comic Book

The Adventures of Hero Ted feature two stories.

  • Origins – Gasp at the awesome Origin of Hero Ted as he discovers his powers the night the Monsters under the bed try to kidnap blankey
  • Terror In The Sand Pit – The Sand Pit comes to life and turns into a raging Monster! Can Hero Ted stop the Sand Pit Monsters rampage? before his child notices and never wants to go outside again?

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