Welcome To The Teddyverse

Welcome To The Teddy Bear Adventure Universe

“Did you know Teddy Bears have been protecting us against the Monsters under the bed since 1902?”

We got your new heroes right here! Welcome to the Teddyverse, the secret war between Teddy Bears and the Monsters under the bed led by the evil Bogeyman. For over one hundred years your unwavering cuddly defender has been protecting you against the bumps in the night. Stopping the Bogeyman and his Legions of Monsters from stealing the wonder from the world.

Now you can read the adventures of these heroic cuddly toys in the Teddyverse comic books available only from Altworld Studios.

The Heroes Of The Teddyverse

Help support the Teddyverse project and order a Teddy Bear adventure comic book today. All funds go towards the production of new Teddyverse comic books and continuing the adventure.

A Teddy Bear Tale: Awakenings
Story by Nick Davis | Art by Veronica Smith
Did you know that your Teddy Bear has a secret? While you sleep at night your Cuddly Toy watches over you keeping you safe from the Bogeyman and his Legion of Monsters under the bed. This is the story of one such Teddy Bear called Tristan, and this is his Teddy Bear Tale… Adventures ahead!

Preview Teddy Bear Tales – Awakenings Act One, Two & Three

Team-D: The Awesome Adventures Of A Girl And Her Teddy Bear
Story by Nick Davis | Art by Veronica Smith
Team-D is an adventure comic book following the adventures of Dee, a young girl, and her grumpy old Teddy Bear named Duo, and their little big adventure across the multi-realms of the Teddy Bear Universe.

Preview Team-D

Teddy Bear Action Comics With Hero Ted
All-Ages Mega-Adventure Comic Book by Nick Davis
Hero Ted – is just your everyday normal Teddy Bear, but when he puts on his child’s security blanket he turns into Hero Ted – the super-powered Teddy Bear defender of truth, justice and cuddles, out to save the world just before bedtime. The Cuddly Ninjas – an elite team of Cuddly Toys trained by their Sensei in the mysterious arts of Ted-jitsu to take back the night from the Monsters under the bed.

Preview Teddy Bear Action Comics

Mr Button: One Shot
Story by Nick Davis | Art by Veronica Smith
Mr Button is a very different Teddy Bear Tale. We join this Teddy Bear as he journeys into the realm of the Underbed, this is one Teddy Bear on a mission to end the Lord Of Nightmares and you are along for the ride

Preview Mr Button

Dee And Duo Teddy Bear Agents Riding A Giant Cuddly Dinosaur

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