Mr Button’s One Shot – A Teddy Bear Tale Comic Book

For over a 100 years Teddy Bears have been the Guardians of bedtime, the loving confidants, the peaceful playmate and child hood companion. While you sleep they watch over keeping you safe from the Monsters under the bed… and wake you with soft hugs and love in the morning.

Mr Button, a Teddy Bear Punisher

Mr. Button is not one of those Teddy Bears – this of course you may have guessed at. This psychotic ball of fluff aims to end the Monsters under the bed and the Boogeyman permanently…

A Teddy Bear Cocking a Gun

How can I best describe what the Mr. Button comic is? Imagine Evil Dead and Ted have had a bastard Love child and then a sprinkle a bit of Kick-Ass mayhem on top. Mr Button is on single minded mission to take down all the imaginary legends of our childhood and he is starting with the Boogeyman.

A Teddy Bear Fighting The Monsters Under The Bed

Mr Button’s: One Shot, is a very different Teddy Bear Tale. We join this Teddy Bear as he journeys into the realm of the Underbed, this is one Teddy Bear on a mission to end the Lord Of Nightmares and you are along for the ride and you can read for FREE on Webtoons.

Mr Button The Teddy Bear WebtoonClick To Read Mr Button’s One Shot – A Teddy Bear Webtoon

The Mr Button: One Shot Project

Mr Button the Teddy Bear was created and written by Nick Davis, the One Shot comic book is drawn by rising star and Indie Artist Extraordinaire Veronica Smith who brings the words of Nick’s Teddy Bear powered mayhem to life in a dynamic fashion.

The goal of this project page is to continually raise awareness about Mr Button and to help the project move forward with raising funds to pay Veronica to draw new pages. Also this is a great page to learn a little bit more about the story, take a look at the art – from roughs to completed pages and even order the book.

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What Is The Story?

Mr Button's One Shot: A Teddy Bear Tale

So join Mr. Button and his reluctant companion, the Narrator (Mr Fancy), as they journey into the Realm Of UnderBed – home to the Boogeyman and his Legions of Monsters under the bed. Watch as he slowly makes his way to the Boogeyman’s Castle, leaving a trail of broken Monsters in his wake. You see Mr. Button is out to take revenge on the Lord Of Nightmares and to show him what true fear really is. To find out how it all ends, you’ll have to pick up the book! You can preview the pages below, but be warned they may not be completely safe for work.

How Can You Support The Mr Button Project? Buy The Comic Book!

The Mr Button Project is a creator owned and driven comic book project, the creator Nick Davis, doesn’t take a penny and takes all funds earned by this project to pay the artist Veronica Smith to produce more pages! So… You want to help Mr Button and support an awesome Indie Artist? Please buy the Comic Book or support the Patreon!

Mr Button A Teddy Bear Revenge Comic

Become A Patreon

Want more Mr Button? Then all you need to do is back our Patreon ($1 gets you in)  To learn more and back the Teddy Bear Tale Patreon please click here.

Order The Comic Book

Mr Button’s One Shot is a 24 page, full-color action comic book by Nick Davis, with art by Veronica Smith and cover by Josh C Lyman; you can order the book in digital or print format.

Mr Button’s One Shot – Digital 

Mr Button’s One Shot – Print

Mr Button: One Shot Comic Book – $4.99

Mr Button – The Teddy Bear (Toy)

Mr Button The Teddy Bear

You can now own Mr Button The Teddy Bear, from the One Shot Comic Books. This slightly unhinged Teddy Bear will keep you safe at night from the Monsters under the bed, although we are unsure how much of a bedroom, or house you would have left afterwards.

Mr Button is a limited edition Teddy Bear, custom made by DotsBears. He is handmade in the USA. approximately 22 inches in height, with five points of articulation for Monster butt-kicking action.

Mr Button is a custom made Teddy Bear, due to the construction nature of Mr Button and his button eye he isn’t recommended for children under eight years of age.
Mr Button: The Teddy Bear (Toy) – $39.99

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Mr Button #1

I tend to like the idea of taking the cute and cuddly and giving them a little attitude -- okay, in this case, quite a lot -- so when I saw the Mr Button Kickstarter, I knew I wanted in.A few small editing issues and the fact the story really deserves to be expanded to 32 pages keeps it from being five stars for me, but if you had ever thought that the Care Bears should just quietly send in someone to take out Coldheart, or (a more direct comparison) if you want a slightly softer and cuddlier version of The Punisher, this just may be your comic.The art is great and the story will keep you turning the pages. The balance between comedy and action is nearly spot-on, and the balance between cute and badass is almost perfect as well. So, if you think this might appeal to you, I'd say it's worth the $3-5 to find out.The comic may be called One Shot, but it looks like Mr Button has a lot more work to do. Who's next? I can't wait to find out.


A twisted, fun comic book that breaks the fourth wall. Fav line 'I'm trying to be all intimidating' while staring down the Pit monster.