A Teddy Bear Tales: Awakenings Act One

Awakening Act One - A Teddy Bear Adventure Comic Book

A Teddy Bear Tale: Awakenings Act One
Story by Nick Davis | Art by Veronica Smith
Did you know that your Teddy Bear has a secret? While you sleep at night your Cuddly Toy watches over you keeping you safe from the Bogeyman and his Legion of Monsters under the bed. This is the story of one such Teddy Bear called Tristan, and this is his Teddy Bear Tale… Adventures ahead!

A Teddy Bear Tale: Awakenings is an ongoing adventure comic book series based off the Teddy Bear Tale illustrated story. This adventure comic features Tristan the Teddy Bear and Wilma Bunny as they encounter the Monsters under the Bed for the very first time.

To help support the production of this story (and pay Veronica for more of her wonderful art) when I have enough pages I collect them into a comic book. Please help support this story, by buying this comic book, so I can keep making new comic book pages and help the adventure continue!

Support Awakenings Buy The Comic Book!

Awakenings is a creator owned and driven comic book project, the creator Nick Davis, doesn’t take a penny and takes all funds earned by this project to pay the artist Veronica Smith to produce more pages! So… You want to help Awakenings, continue the adventures and support an awesome Indie Artist? Please buy the Comic Book!


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Awakening Act One - A Teddy Bear Adventure Comic Book

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