Alt World Studios Books

The Alt World Studios journeys into the imagination and beyond, taking reality and twisting it slightly, or turning the everyday into the fantastical. Stories range from the illustrated adventures of a Teddy Bear protecting his child from the Boogeyman, to the once upon a time of the Wonder Tales set in the fantasy realm of the Ninth Kingdom, to the streets of Baltimore city where a dark evil stalks the shadows in the Tether, a paranormal action adventure.

The Tether Saga

The Tether Paranoramal Adventure On The Streets Of BaltimoreSomething evil is stalking the streets of Baltimore, our only hope is the new Keeper of the Tether – Sarah Taylor. The only problem, she doesn’t want it and her only guide to this new world she has stumbled into is CT, the Grandson of the original Keeper, who really wants the Tether back with his family and Sarah is quite happy to give it back – if the Tether actually lets her remove it.

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The Teddy Bear Tales

The Teddy Bear Tales The Simple Story Of A Teddy Bear Defending His Child From The Monsters Under The BedThe illustrated adventures of Tristan the Teddy Bear as he and his friends the Cuddly Defenders protect children from the evil Boogeyman and his Legion of Monsters under the bed.

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The Wonder Tales

The Wonder Tales All-Ages Fairy StoriesOnce upon a time adventure set in the fantasy realm of the Ninth Kingdom, tales of magic, music, wonder, monsters, pirates, witches, vain kings, noble heroes, valiant princesses, an inch-high samurai and a talking horse.

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Steampunk Tales Of Wonder

HMS Rally from the Steampunk TalesSet at the turn of the century the Europa alliance struggles against the unearthly forces of the Dominion. This free set of stories captures snapshots from a desperate battlefield set in a time of hyper steampunk technology and Victorian-era know how.

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Flash Fiction
Journey into Alt World Studios Flash Fiction

Stories of adventure, mystery, life and more all set to a hard word count. Journey through time, live high fantasy, learn how to fly, get involved in a boxing match, fight giant mechanized robots, be mystified, chilled and amazed in 500 words of less.

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