Getting my write on at NaNoWriMo

I’ll be honest with you all, I have been struggling and I have been stuck trying to get my head around the next bit of my Novel ‘None Good’ and was losing traction very, very quickly. I’m barely a quarter the way through the book and I couldn’t think of a way to get to the next bit, to envision the images in my head to words… And frankly after what felt like a terrible read through review from Jean I had convinced myself that no one would want to read the nonsense that I was writing.

Then Jean sent me this – A Pep Talk from Neil Gaiman

This accomplished and amazing author who is one of my favorite authors alongside the likes of Terry Pratchett and JRR Tolkien. Wrote about the trials and tribulations that even he has writing a book, and he suffers the same writing pain that I do!

It gave me heart, its made me understand why I decided to under take this journey for myself and most importantly it has introduced me to the NaNoWriMo website. Who are holding there National Novel Writing Month Event.

Spurred on by the words of Neil Gaiman I have decided to take the challenge and one of the things that NaNoWriMo says is tell all your friends what you are doing, so they can hound you, embarrass you and push you to complete your Novel. So I am telling you all now…

I am aiming to complete 50000 more words for None Good for my contribution for National Novel Writing Month Event. You can chart my progress on my NaNoWriMo Profile here

Your task will be to bully me into completing this journey that I started over a year ago, so keep proding me and lets see what happens, and how much I have written by the end of National Novel Writing Week, eh?

Five Events

I very rarely Blog or talk about certain upcoming events in my life, as life has shown me the moment I mention them, it all disappears or it turns to crap. So right here I will mention five events that may change things around for me.

Event #1 – After eight years here at Squanto Court were I’ve seen my kids grow up and many other things that I cannot mention here. We are moving, no longer will we be shackled to this too small two up two down imitation of a Townhouse. We will instead be moving to Three bedroom corner Terrace house with a club basement. This of course means lots of stuff to move, lots of things to rearrange, and generally lots of stuff to do over the next couple of weeks. It is time to move though, although I will admit that Squanto Court holds a lot of memories for me.

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