First Rejection Letter

This is a special proof copy I got made of the story I completed during theNaNoWriMo Eventback in November.

Not wanting to stop there I’ve submitted it to one dozen publishing agents that accept Email submissions – I’ll be doing the mail ins during the month of January.

Anyway today I got my First Rejection Letter, please read it below…

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Looking at the Next Decade

Wow… This means I’ve been in the USA for 10 years now!!! That’s almost a one third of my life that I’ve been living in amongst you Yanks

And now we are on the tip of a new decade, with new adventures and excitement for us all. What are you plans for the new year and beyond?

This next year it is a simple task…

1. Stay employed.
2. Get my Story published
3. Get Fight-Dice or Speederz published
4. Write my next story

Think it can be done?

Remains to be seen… I promise another exciting year of ups, downs and exciting adventures for all.

And with a new decade around the corner its going to be a stonker!!!

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Christmas Day

Happy Christmas Everybody

I have to be quick, its been a long day so far. I’m bouncing off the back of a five hour turn around drive, and two hours of dealing with my kids opening presents. Followed by the craziness of getting those toys out of their packaging (how many wires do they need to hold stuff in place?)

In all its a good day so far, and I’m logging off now to spend the rest of it dealing with more packaged presents, and other Christmas insanities…

Oh, what was very different this year? Well I got gifts for the first time, in a very, very long time… Check out the picture below.

Nick at Christmas
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody!!!

Backing Up Fight-DiceTM

Its been a year of hearing really nothing about Fight-DiceTM from my Game Broker, we had a spark of interest from Endless Games and sadly the economy saw to that. Now I want to try to bring Fight-DiceTM back to market, and I’m not totally convinced that Matt is doing the job for it.  So…

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