Drawing Outside Your Comfort Zone – Never Give In

Art (Never Give In) by Solar-CitrusA common thing I hear from up and coming artists is, ‘I will never be good enough,’ or ‘my art sucks.’ When I am at conventions I hear it all the time, in today’s culture everyone is looking for that shortcut to make it happen… Instant gratification…  Continue reading

The Very Last Calvin And Hobbes Story

The Last Calvin And Hobbes StoryOn December 31st, 1995 the very last Calvin and Hobbes story was syndicated and these two friends went into legendary status as one of the best cartoon strips ever published. Even now it resonates and attracts new fans, such was the power of Bill Watterson’s work.

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Writing Without Fear – Taking Another Look At Legends Of An Englishman

Nick Has A Raygun

On Saturday I bumped into an old friend, she was part of a writing club I belonged too where we all dedicated time to write our opus. It reminded me how long it really has been since I’ve written any long form prose and crafted a novel. I have been very busy writing comic strips, short children’s stories about heroic Teddy Bears and occasionally knocking out some flash fiction. I have been neglecting novel-writing, is time to return to crafting a contemporary fiction story? Continue reading

Facebook Art Auction To Help Raise Legal Funds To Help Fight For The Custody Rights To See My Children #Art #Auction #FathersRights

Calvin And Hobbes Inktense Color

My Facebook Art Auctions

This is a small selection of the illustrations I have drawn over the last four years. If you are interested in taking part look for the #Auction on my Facebook profile or scroll below. This isn’t selling for the sake of selling though… I have a very valid urgent reason why I am parting with so many pieces.

I am stuck in the middle of a custody visitation battle to see my children that has got nasty. The proceeds of these auctions is to raise legal funds to pay for a Lawyer, and to support my fight to retain my rights as a father to see my children. Continue reading

Check Out The Full Cover For The Cuddly Defenders Comic: Out Of The Attic 2

Tristan the Teddy Bear and the Cuddly Defenders Comic: Out Of The Attic 2

Hello Teddy Bear Fans, here is the full cover for Out Of The Attic 2; this dynamic cover by Josh Lyman showing our hero Tristan the Teddy Bear and the evil Blue Skin Shaman Ex Cearula being sucked down a portal. Lots of fun, lots of action and motion in this piece. You can view the complete cover after the jump, and pre-order this adventure comic here. Continue reading