Calling All Teddy Bear Fans Help The Cuddly Defenders Comic Publish On Kickstarter

Cuddly Defenders Out Of The Attic 2 KickstarterOkay Teddy Bear Fans we are down to the wire with only hours left on Kickstarter for the Cuddly Defenders Adventure Comic: Out of the Attic 2 to succeed. At time of writing we are at 70% of funding, and if we don’t clear $2000 we do not get a penny. I am asking you to help this comic win its funding on Kickstarter so we can continue the adventures of Tristan and the Cuddly Defenders as they take on the Monsters under the Bed, and thwart the evil plans of the dastardly Bogeyman. You can view and back this Kickstarter here. Continue reading

The Cuddly Defenders Take On Lord Cthulhu

The Cuddly Defenders v CthulhuThe Cuddly Defenders, that band of discarded Teddy Bears will face down any threat to the children, Monsters under the Bed, the Bogeyman, Evil Robots, including the Nameless One Lord Cthulhu. Help these heroic Teddy Bears win their funding on Kickstarter and back their Adventure Comic Out Of The Attic 2 here! We have just overĀ 48 hours to make our funding goal! Help Tristan and the Cuddly Defenders launch please back them today :)

NASA Cuts Live Video Feed Of International Space Station As UFO’S Rise From Earth #iwanttobelieve

NASA cuts live feed on appearance of UFOSomething odd happened to the International Space Stations’ live feed on Monday June 29, 2015 – just as three UFO’s were pictured rising from Earth’s atmosphere NASA cut the feed. See the video after the jump. Continue reading

Introducing The NEW Forrest And Scout Cuddly Defender Toys From Out Of The Attic #TristanLives

Forrest & Scout - Cuddly Defender Teddy Bear Toys from the Comic Out Of The Attic
Today I got a fantastic set of pictures from Dots Bears who makes the Cuddly Defender Teddy Bear Toys featuring the two new Cuddly Defenders Forrest & Scout from the recently released Out Of The Attic comic book. Continue reading

The Cuddly Defenders Comic Featured on Full Grown Fan Boys Podcast #TristanLives

Full Grown Fanboys Meet Tristan the Teddy Bear

Today Tristan And The Cuddly Defenders was featured on the Full Grown Fanboys (FGFB) podcast, were the crew give our heroic Teddy Bear comic an awesome shout out, and talk about the Kickstarter too. You can listen to the FGFB Podcast here.