The Influences Of Mr Button’s One Shot Comic Book

Mr Button The Teddy Bear Vengeance Comic

Hey, did you know we, as in Alt World Studios, are weeks away from releasing a new comic book? It is being funded on Kickstarter and is called Mr Button’s One Shot – the story of a vengeful Teddy Bear out to stop the Boogeyman and his Monster under the bed once and for all. As you can tell from the artwork this isn’t your regular Teddy Bear Tale.

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Do You Remember… Star Fleet?

Dai-X Giant Red Robot from Star Fleet

Do you remember this show? It had Alien invaders, giant robots, space battles and all the characters were puppets? Star Fleet was a unique show that pretty much had me glued to the TV during its airing way back in 1982 on ITV (one of three channels we had in the UK at the time), and it one of the first series I remember watching all the way through week in, week out for 24 weeks.

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Where You Can Get The Free Comic Book Day Tristan & The Cuddly Defenders Comic Book

Teddy Bear Adventure Free Comic Book

This is a big weekend for the Teddy Bear Tales, this is the first time we are offering a Cuddly Defender comic book for Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) and I want as many of you as possible to get your hands on it.

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See You At Collectors Corner: Bel-Air For Free Comic Book Day #FCBD

Alt World Studios will see you at Collectors Corner for Free Comic Book DayHello, we are just three days away from Free Comic Book Day (Yay!) and to celebrate all things comic book you will be able to find Tristan and me at the Collectors Corner Bel-Air Out-Post. I hope you come join us for what promises to be a fun packed day.

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See You At Fandomonium: A Library Comic Book Convention This Saturday In Rosedale

The Alt World Studios TableNext stop on the Alt World Studios convention tour is my first library show: Fandamonium at the Rosedale Library right here in Baltimore County. I’ve never done a Library based comic convention before, so this should be a new little big adventure for us all.

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