Looking Forward To Seeing You All At Collectors Corner Bel-Air Halloween Comic-Fest

Join Tristan the Teddy Bear and Me At Halloween Comic-Fest At Collectors Corner Bel-Air

Looks like Halloween is around the corner and to start the spooky celebrations Tristan the Teddy Bear and Me will be at Collectors Corner Bel-Air Halloween Comic-Fest this Saturday from 3pm to closing. Come out and see me for a spooktacular time!

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Writing Without Fear: Reinventing The Fantastic Four Movie

Marvel Fantastic Four

Welcome of a new edition of Writing Without Fear, today I am taking a look at what has becoming the lonely redheaded step child of the collective Marvel Movie Universe, the Fantastic Four.

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A Teddy Bear Tale Awakenings Goes Live On Webtoon

Awakenings - A Teddy Bear WebtoonsTa da! I would like to introduce to you all my brand new webcomic ‘A Teddy Bear Tale – Awakenings’ Live on the Webtoon. A comic book adaptation of the Teddy Bear Tale Illustrated Story Book, this never seen before story is set to publish weekly as we explore the new adventures of Tristan the Teddy Bear. View The Webtoon Here

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For One Day Only At Annapolis Comic Con

Meet Tristan and me at Annapolis Comic ConFor one day only Alt World Studios (aka as Tristan the Teddy Bear and Me) will be appearing at the Annapolis Comic Con and it is going to be a magnificent one day show in the Crowne Plaza, Annapolis.

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Introducing My Deviant Art Portfolio

Lola Bunny and Bugs Bunny as Harley Quinn and Joker Sketch CoverHello, did you all notice all the art and stuff on my website? I have a lot and it is hard to keep track of everything that I do… From Powerpuff/Teddy Bear Pop Culture Mashups, to Sketch Covers and Comic book pages. I simply cannot always update Alt World Studios to keep up with everything! So… What to do?

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