A Lost Weekend at the VA Cosplay Con… Sorry, I mean my VA Comic Con in Review

At VA Comic Con before the show begins

How do I start this? It is fair to say I had a convention adventure at VAComicon aka VA Cosplay Con, it would be fair to say it was a roller-coaster ride. Although I was one of the few who came out okay, there was a huge disconnect compared to last years much better run show. So, to review this show I am going to know it down into two sections, the good and the bad. Continue reading

Can One Cosplayer Really Disrupt An Entire Comic Con? The Answer Will Surprise You…

Deadpool Courtesty of V Art & PhotographyThis weekend at VA Comic Con I experienced for the first time ever exactly what happens when you have a Cosplayer become disruptive and think they are THE show. Continue reading

Join Tristan The Teddy Bear And Me At Our Last Show Of The Year VA Comic Con 2014

Nick and Tristan at the Teddy Bear Tales TableThis is it… It has been an especially long convention season for Tristan the Teddy Bear and Me, and now we head towards our last show of the year, VA Comic Con in Richmond VA. And because it is our last show of the year we are bringing everything to the table, or in this case our Booth. Continue reading

Tristan Lives!!! Our Favorite Teddy Bear Dances At RetroCon2014

Nick and Tristan the Teddy Bear at RetroCon2014

Nick and Tristan the Teddy Bear at RetroCon2014

Our favorite little Teddy Bear is alive! Checkout the video after the jump of him dancing on the show floor at RetroCon2014.  Continue reading

Concept Sketch Of Hero, A Teddy Bear SuperHero Coming Fall 2015

Hero Teddy Bear by Nick Davis

Made To Be… Hero by Nick Davis

This is a concept sketch of Hero, a Teddy Bear who gets his superpowers from his child’s security blanket. I hope to debut him around Fall 2015. Stay tuned and watch this new Hero grow.