About Me

Nick Davis Hanging with WheeljackHello, I’m an Englishman currently living on the East Coast of the USA not too far removed from Charm City aka Baltimore. Once upon a time in a green and pleasant land far, far away I labored as a feature writer and production assistant on Games Workshops’ Monthly Gaming Magazine White Dwarf during the Paul ‘Fat Bloke’ Sawyer years (with a smaller stint on the USA magazine).

Now-a-days I am a game-fully employed Web Content Specialist, a sometimes freelance Graphic/Web Designer, part-time storyteller and occasional artist.

I am married to a very patient Irish American lady and have four children (two mine, two-step). When I am not working, running errands, playing with the kids, burrowing through an ever-growing list of ongoing house ‘projects’ or attempting to sleep. I can be found plodding away on a keyboard, or attempting to draw, while I explore the worlds of my imagination that takes our reality and twists it around just a couple of degrees.

My website is my online portal to everything related to me. Here you will find my stories, semi-updated blog about all my many and varied interests, ongoing projects, my writers and website portfolio, my attempts at art, gaming rules plug-ins and original battle game rules all collected together in one place for you to explore. This is my home on the super information highway and you’re welcome to take your time to look around and treat it as your own. If you want to contact me please click here.

Now let me show you the wonders I have seen.

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