Coming to Baltimore Comic Con the Go Cuddly Defenders Go Teddy Bear Adventure Comic

Teddy Bear Advenure Comic

The Tristan & the Cuddly Defenders Preview Comic – Cover Variants by Nick Davis (left) & Dan Nokes (right)

The Go Cuddly Defenders Go Teddy Bear Tales Adventure Preview Comics are finally in, I now have both variant covers, the Teddy Bear Tales Artist Dan Nokes variant cover(right) and the Teddy Bear Tales Writer Nick Davis cover (left). Both these variants will be available at Baltimore Comic-Con at our Artist Alley Tables – See you there!

A Very Different Teddy Bear Tale Synopsis from the Project Fabula Collection

A Teddy Bear's Revenge by Nick Davis

A Teddy Bear’s Revenge by Nick Davis

I am going to share with you a very different Teddy Bear Tale that is currently in synopsis and is tagged to be part of the upcoming and work-in-progress story collection I have called Project Fabula,  (more on that after the jump.) This synopsis is a story about  a Teddy Bear, but it isn’t an innocent story you would expect from A Teddy Bear Tale or Cuddly Defenders graphic novel, this is something very, very different… Journey down the rabbit hole after the jump. Continue reading

A New Card Coming for the Teddy Bear Tale Postcard Collection

The Teddy Bear Tales Postcard Collection

The Teddy Bear Tales Postcard Collection

A new postcard is coming for the Teddy Bear Tales Postcard Collection and will be debuting at Baltimore Comic Con 2014, you can check it out after the jump. Continue reading

To Celebrate the Guardians of the Galaxy a Marvel Movie Rocket Raccoon #Sketch #GotG

Rocket Raccoon - Blam! Murdered You!

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Rocket Raccoon by Nick Davis

You’re Welcome… Many of you know that Rocket Raccoon is my favorite Marvel character followed by Captain America. I’ve been following Rocket on and off since I discovered his B-story in the back of my Marvel UK Transformers comic. To celebrate the release of the awesome Guardians of the Galaxy movie here is my illustration of the Movie Rocket Raccoon. Continue reading

Drawing Elsa from Frozen and stepping outside your comfortzone #disney #sketch #frozen

Elsa Pencil by Nick Davis

Elsa Pencil by Nick Davis

Every week on Twitter there is a hashtag event called sketch Saturday where various artists of various skill level post a sketch they have done on Saturday. I am now taking part in this event so every Saturday watch for #sketchsaturday to appear on my Twitter feed, and follow along. Continue reading