Unconditional – A Teddy Bear Tale Now Available As A Hardback Book From Barnes & Noble

Unconditional - A Teddy Bear Tale Available From Barnes & Noble
Yes, you just read the headline correctly. About four years ago I made the promise to all the Teddy Bear Tale Fans out there that if I could find away to make Unconditional into a hardback book, and make that book at an affordable price I would make it happen…. Now, thanks to Barnes & Noble I can fulfill this long overdue promise.

Unconditional – A Teddy Bear Tale collects together the complete set of A Teddy Bear Tales Illustrated Stories into one hardcover book, packed full of adventure, action, teddy bears, monsters and the Boogeyman for only $19.99 shipped direct from Barnes & Noble

Pre-Order From Barnes & Noble – $19.99 +S/H

Unconditional – A Teddy Bear Tale, will be released on December 6, 2019 and will ship to you just in time for the Holidays.

About Unconditional

“Did you know humble Teddy Bear has been protecting children from the Monsters-under-the-bed since 1902?”

We all remember that special stuffed animal we had as a child, the one that we couldn’t leave home without. Now you can pass those cherished memories onto your little ones with this wonderful tale of adventure and whimsy about a child’s teddy bear, Tristan, who defends his child while he sleeps from the monsters under the bed.A Teddy Bear Tale is the story of Tristan the Teddy Bear and who guards his child from the Monsters under the Bed. On this final night the Monsters under the bed are unleashed by the wicked Bogeyman and Tristan must defend his child from the Kobolds, the Goblins, No Names and No Noses, the Slobbering Slobs, the Knockers, Blighters and Silly Buggers, Blue Skins with bald heads and a Dust Dragon with razor sharp teeth. With his child’s innocence at stake Tristan must find a way to defeat them all and stop the Boogeyman from claiming his child, and children everywhere.

Unconditional collects together A Teddy Bear Tale, Teddy Bear Tale II & Tristan & the Cuddly Defenders: Friends, Menace of Mek-A-Nor and Tristan’s final tale Out Of The Attic, written by Nick Davis and illustrated by Dan Nokes. With additional illustrations by Keir Knika Lyles.

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