Join Me This Weekend At the 20th Anniversary Baltimore Comic Con

Coming Too Baltimore Comic Con

This weekend, starting Friday at 11am I can be found at Artist Table A11 at the 20th Anniversary Baltimore Comic Con, and it looks like this is going to be a stonker of show.

Yes, you read that right I am returning to Baltimore Comic Con after a two year absence and I have missed my home show greatly! I started my comic-con journey at Baltimore Comic Con back in 2003 and in that time only missed four shows as a resident of the Artist Alley. This show marks the end of the year for me, and in this case, the restart of my convention journey to bring the Teddy Bear Tales to the world.

When & Where

Baltimore Convention Center: Friday to Sunday

Pennywise - IT Powerpuff Chibi MashupWhat I Will Be Bringing

Baltimore Comic Con is my year end show, and the end of my beginning of my return, so what will I be bringing to my home comic-con?

  • The Teddy Bear Tales Comics & Illustrated Stories
  • The Wonder Tales – Fantasy stories from the Ninth Kingdom
  • Sketch Card Mashup Prints of your favorite heroes and more
  • New postcard prints, and fullsize prints too!
  • The Cuddly Defender Toys

To make this show a little extra special I have a couple of exclusives which I think y’all will love 🙂 See you there!

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